I have a couple of Database programs on my pre. All of a sudden I cannot save more data. I get the following Alert.

"SQL call failed [imp307]: there was not enough remaining storage space, or the storage quota was reached and the user declined to allow more space"

In one database [my Databank Unlimited] I have approximately 3000 records, in another [Bill myTime] I have about nine months of data. Since I started seeng the alert in My Databank, I am not able to save any more data in BillmyTime.

I have plenty of available storage space, 2GB free.

I was trying to transfer some of my data from PalmOS over to WebOS since in preparation for WebOS 2 update.

It is hard to believe that WebOS is so limited in actual use compared to Palm OS. With minimal memory and power, everything booted, loaded, converted to equivalent flawlessly in Palm OS. With all that power, ram etc, many of the new hardware/software dont seem to perform simple tasks any better.

The processor developers have made real progress considering that running 1GHz on battries while a desktop equivalent still requires power supplys. Os/Software developers have made no progress at all or all tend to think the same way i.e oh so and so does it this way, so I must do it the same way. None is doing things in an equivalent and efficient way.

Help, some solution to the limitation in webos please.