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    Step By Step instructions please.
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    What is Preware? How do i get it?
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    Here: Let’s take a walk – Learning Preware
    If you want to get on the Preware wagon, the first thing you have to do is install it. Now early on getting the app on your phone was a bit tricky, but nowadays they have everything laid out, nice and neat. Personally, I prefer the WebOS Quick Install method, but there are a couple of other ways as well if that doesn’t work out for you.

    Now you have everything setup, you are almost ready to explore. When you first load up things it can take a little bit of time so be patient.

    Once everything is loaded it can seem a bit daunting because there is so much*delectable goodness in here. Let’s break it down a bit.

    First you will see a menu with 4 options:

    Package Updates: If you have homebrew apps on your system (or even some from the App Catalog), if they have an update, they will show up here. This is where the magical “Update All” button that Rod was talking about will appear in future version.

    Available Packages: This is where all the goodies live. You will spend most of your exploration time in here. I will break this down a bit later.

    Installed Packages: If you have added something to your phone (app, patch, etc), then it will show up here. This works well if you are trying to launch something or uninstall it.

    List of Everything: This gets you one HUGE list of everything that is in Preware…no categories, no organization, just a big list. Now why is this useful? Searching. If you heard about a cool patch or app by name, you can pull up this big list and start typing to find it quickly. Now it is important to note that you can search from just about any place in the app, but it will only search through what is showing. If you are showing everything, then it will search everything. Very nice.

    Available Packages
    So the big number is under the heading Available Packages. If you click on that guy, you will see a huge list of stuff. Lets break down the*categories*a bit.

    This is basically homebrew central. It is a veritable playground in here. Applications are the same sort of thing you find in the App Catalog…games, utilities, etc. Preware houses a lot of finished apps, but it is also a place where a lot of developers put beta versions of their apps so they can get some testing done. I believe there are close to 400 apps in the homebrew world right now so lots to see and do here.

    Linux Application
    If you are new to the homebrew scene you may want to skip passed this group. These are apps that tap straight into the linux core underneath webOS.

    Again, this is a place for the advanced users. This is where you can find stuff like SSH, command line tools, GNU apps, etc. If I just started speaking another language, then keep on movin’.

    Now patches are where things get exciting (to me anyway). Is there something about webOS that bothers you? Like, you can’t see the date unless you open your calendar? Or you want to see a percentage of how much battery you have left? How about getting rid of the annoying login screen that comes up all the time because of your connection to an exchange server? All of these things (and a whole lot more) can be updated with a patch.

    Enjoy preware.
    Rush, when copy/pasting an article that was written by someone else, please at least give credit to the original author. You make seem like you wrote all that, which you did not.

    Preware – The app that makes webOS the best mobile platform, period | webOSroundup
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    LOL Garrett, you're cleaning up a lot lately.
    Just setting the facts straight.. lol

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