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    I accidentally dragged the Phone app off the launcher and into the pages area. I tried to get it back onto the launcher bar, but it just disappeared.. im a little dumbfounded.. any help would be great.
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    You just go to the apps (it should still be in it) from your launcher and put yoru finger on it until it gets all glowy and drag it down. Remember you can only have (is it 4 or 5) icons on the bar.
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    1. Touch and hold until you see the splash
    2. Then drag it down to the spot you want

    To move apps around or rearrage oders, just do the above....

    If you cant find it, I would say do a quick restart and it should appear, then follow instructions above
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    Restart fixed it, back where it was, MUCH appreciated.
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    MUCH appreciated.
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