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    So I'm on my 4th Bell Pre, I bought all of them off craigslist and I have 4 pre that are half working, I wish I didn't have to spend 100$ to buy a new one every single time my power buttong breaks or my speaker blows for the third time.. WHY CAN"T I BUY SPARE PARTS PALM>............

    PS, i love my pre too much to go to any other platform so i'm in a pickle
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    How much did you spend on 4 used Pre's if you don't mind me asking? (include everything, postage, duty, tax, whatever).
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    First one I bought for 200 w touchstone brand new, Great deal, that was a month after it's release so I jumped right on that, Second one was for my wife, I think i got that for 150 new, Then hers got stolen so got another one for 80bucks used with a little oreo, Now I just bought a new one yesterday for 100 brand new in box which is a pretty good deal with charger and everything, Pre's are very cheap now since no one is buying them. Also I'm from Toronto where there are more people competing to sell there phones.

    oh and I got one of ebay for 25 bucks that was broken for parts,
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    Haven't blown a speaker, but the power button started giving me trouble about 2 weeks after I got my Pre from ebay (used). I fixed it with a piece of rubber band as suggested in the "Tips and Tricks" thread on broken power buttons. That was several months ago, and it's worked so well that I'd forgotten about it till I read your comment about broken power buttons.

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    Have you ever considered the solution of getting a Pre Plus and another broken Bell Pre instead?

    The Pre Plus while uses the same parts as the Pre, the parts used do seem to be a tad bit more solid.
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    No never thought about it. I just need parts on ebay. I can would be able to rebuild al my pres for cheap

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