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    Not sure where to post this, so if it needs to be moved, I understand.

    I'm using Uber/Govnah and playing with settings. I understand the concept of race to idle. But, when is the processor idle? For example, when the screen is on, and I am reading an ebook that is resident on my phone, is my processor working when I am opening the book or turning pages, but idle when I am reading a page? Is it idle when I look at my desktop picture, but working when I hit my launcher? When the screen is off, is it working when I am talking on the phone, streaming audio or listening to MP3's but idle if I am not doing anything?

    Is it possible to update Govnah to show when the processor is idle (or does it and I just don't know)?

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    Govnah could be coded to look at the Cx states of the CPU. I know the CLI application powertop shows these states. I think govnah could get the percentages within C0 (running) to C1-3 (various rest states) out of /proc or /sys.

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