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    Before this update I had my palm pre just how I liked it. I had Preware, it was working great. Then this beautiful update occured, which I liked! Then Preware did not work anymore. & then my phone went "offline" in the summer time, and I needed a new Pre.

    So! Yesterday, I plugged in my pre to the webos doctor thing, and it like resetted my phone in a way. Which was okay, cause I did not lose contacts or photos. But I deleted all my apps that I downloaded to start fresh. I tried downloading an app and it says:

    "Cannot Install
    This app requires 6.47M. You must delete some apps or files before you can install it. Click Help for more information".

    Help= does not help.

    I think I screwed up my phone with some massive file that did not work.
    What should I do? I'm 16, and I'm not really informed with all this Palm Pre talk. Clearly, or I wouldn't be in this mess. So.. what should I do without losing my contacts & pictures?

    If you could tell me how to get preware the RIGHT way, it'd be appreciatted.
    pleaseee help.
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    are you in dev mode before connecting to your PC?

    how much free space do you have on your usb drive? Not sure if it is saying the phone side is full or usb side.

    you might also want to doctor again so you can trace your steps carefully so it will be easier to help you if you get the message again.
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    I have no idea how though. like, whaaat lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarahm View Post
    I have no idea how though. like, whaaat lol.
    if you don't understand my questions, it's really important that you read the 'getting started' threads. Also buy the 'preware documentation' app in the catalog so you have it on your phone.

    it's not hard, but you really need to read the instructions through before trying.
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    How much free space is showing on the device?

    It could be the apps are still hanging onto some space. Try backing up your pictures to your computer, perform a full erase and then sign back in.

    After signing in all your contacts will come back. Check to see if you can install apps, if you can then you should be good. Plug back into your computer and transfer pictures back to the device.
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    If you can connect to your PC and copy the files from your Pre (usb drive), to you computer like HardBeatZ says, then you can do a Full Erase under Device Info, Reset Options. If you want to try an erase without deleting stuff on the USB partition, (which is what I try first), just click Erase Apps and Data under your Reset options. Then you will have to log back in to your Palm profile and it should download your apps/contacts, etc.

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