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    I went online today with Sprint to change the phone number for my sister's blackberry. Aaron who assisted me gave me the steps to block calls & texts through your Sprint account. You can do up to 50 numbers. This would be perfect for those of you who don't want to set up a Youmail or Google Voice account & download the Call Block/Ignore patch. Since I changed her number for her through the online chat I have the steps for everyone:

    10:33:41 AM : Aaron: I am sorry, I forgot to provide you the steps.
    110:33:19 AM : Michele: how do you do the call block thing?
    0:33:46 AM : Aaron: Here are the steps:-
    10:34:11 AM : Aaron: Log in to your online account with administrator username and password.
    10:34:21 AM : Aaron: Click on the My preference.
    10:34:26 AM : Aaron: Scroll down the page.
    10:34:46 AM : Aaron: Under Limits and Permissions, click block voice.
    10:35:21 AM : Aaron: Choose the phone on which you want to block the calls from a particular phone line.
    10:35:41 AM : Aaron: And follow the prompts to block the calls from a particular phone line.

    to do texts is just as easy.

    I hope that helps!
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    Blocking/Allowing text is as easy as sending a text to

    9999 + Block and the full 10 digit number

    9999 + Allow and hte full d10 digit number
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    Does anyone know if after blocking a number from texts if that person receives a notification that they are blocked???
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    only if they attempt to txt or call you.

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