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    last night my Pre completely drained so this morning i wake up and plug it to the computer usb port to began charge like normal..and then my neighborhood electric suddenly goes i took it to my laptop to charge but nothing happened and now when the electric goes on again..i plugged it to wall charger and mor than 2 hours but nothing seem to be happen..i try all the method, battery swap, ringer switch..everything..anyone got any idea how i can turn it back on
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    do you have a touchstone? The usb port on the phone may be bad.
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    I touch stone will be ship on live in viet nam..(
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    Try plugging it up to your computer and holding the up volume button. (take out battery, hold volume up button, and plug into your laptop). It should light up with a usb logo if the phones working fine. It may be the battery is bad if it does light up or you may need to doctor your phone.

    My sister had this problem with her Pixi and I could never get it to turn on. Sprint eventually replaced it though.
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    thks for your work now..after i left it charge for a night, remove the battery and put it back..the phone is on..but after that it random turn off 2 times..but i thinks it fine now..sometime i really wish i live in america likes u guys so i will have the support u guy have (

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