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    Hey, i been having noting but problems lately. My current problem is that when i call or receive a call i cant hear and the person cant hear me. Is it a way to fix it???
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    Do a forum search for "Stuck in Headset Mode", it sounds like that MIGHT be your problem.

    But the other person should still be able to hear you.....
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    Hey, i tried some of the things. I found out that the calls only works on speaker. My music works from earphones and speaker.
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    Nevermind thanks a lot!!!!
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    Don't remove and re-insert the battery. If you want to restart the phone, just power it down and restart. Pulling the battery wipes out all logs - which are needed if Palm wants any info to help you out. Also, running the Doctor is like using a nuclear bomb to clear snow off a street. If nothing else works, just run the webOS Repair Utility from Canuck Coding.

    If the link above for the 'stuck in headset' mode doesn't help, take a look at the Ghastly Headset thread for another possible solution.

    Edit: looks like you may have fixed it while I was typing - hope so!

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