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    Just purchased one of these and was wondering what I should download or do right from the beginning? I have read alot of the tips on using it just not sure about what apps or things are a must for a new owner. I am a previous Palm user and glad to be getting back to one.

    Thanks, J
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    Hi dmxsoulja3,

    First thing to do is take a look at this thread:

    Once you read that you can dive into adding Preware to your device and customizing it with Themes, Patches, and Homebrew apps!!
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    welcome. You will be messing with your phone 24x7. It's addicting.
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    Yeah I'm starting to notice, my first thing is a theme, and mobile hotspot, that will satisfy immediate needs, I just got WEBOS quick install working, and Preware downloaded, lol man there is so much to do on these phones, I think Palm had a good thing going and scared everyone with that creepy lady in the commercials.
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    Hello there! I'm the same as you, just purchased my first Palm Pre+. It's such a great gadget! But everything is new for me and strange however I'm iPhone and android user it feels so different
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    Welcome to the world of webOS! A good place to start is here:
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

    Ready to try Preware? Get this first: Preware Homebrew Documentation
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    IMHO, there are a few indespensible patches and software to get the Pre up to speed..

    1) Preware
    2) UberKernel
    3) Govnah
    4) Advanced Configuration for App Launcher
    5) Advanced Configuration for System Preferences
    6) UberCalendar
    7) Ad Blocker

    IMHO these are indespensible. Everything else is up to personal preference.
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    Get Preware on it, then download some apps that tickle your fancy

    Have fun

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