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    Hey, I have a simply question, can i send my pre back?
    Why I want that…. My Pre have different damages, so I want to use the warrantee.
    I think, if my Pre would have only hardware damages, I wouldn’t ask you. But I was using some homebrew app, and I want to know if I have already a chance to get a new Pre.
    The Hardware damages:
    - The audioport have a loose contact
    - Sometimes I can’t close my Pre, something blocks the slides mechanism
    - Very weak battery, my lowest record was 2 hours 0.o
    - My Pre crash sometimes, I think this could be an loose contact to
    - 1 pixel is every time green
    The Software damages:
    - Sometimes do the touchscreen some strange things, (it don’t recognize my finger or it recognize it on a wrong position
    - Sometime don’t work the energy counter. It jumps often from X% to 0% in a second.
    - Sometimes crash my Pre… when I’m using my Camera, but not often (1 time in a week I think)
    My Homebrew actions:
    - Since webos1.2 I was using homebrew
    - I was using various patches, but no kernel patches, or other exotic things
    - I was using one time in WebOS 1.45 Govnah with a kernel patch (2 weeks I think
    - Actual I have WebOS with 1.45 and no homebrew ( I miss it)
    Now… I want to know from you, can I send my Pre back to get a new one? My warrantee is 2 years, and I have my Pre now for nearly exact one year (24.11.09). So… what do you think about it?

    MFG Karotte

    (I love my Pre! And WebOS)
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    I would contact my carrier first to see if they can replace the device or if they have a service center to send it to. If you have a year left on your warranty, you should be able to get a replacement.
    Also I would remove all patches before returning the phone.
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    For your hardware software issues take it to your carrier and have them replace it.
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    thx for the replays. I will go today to my arrier. I haope that i get a new one :-/

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