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    So i was looking to install the "My tether" app for my palm pre. I did it by rooting the phone. But later i found out about the webos quick installer. So i've installed a few things:

    - My Tether
    - A theme (Original Blue)
    - filecoaster
    - preware
    Installed using preware:
    - Luna Manager (don't know what this is for. Keep it?)
    - some patches that allowed haptic feedback for the calculator app
    - and a virtual keyboard (This is what i'm thinking is taking up all the battery)

    My battery has been doing terrible since i've unplugged it from my computer. Any ideas on what's making it lose so much power?

    P.S. Once i installed My Tether, i couldn't get the network to show up in my laptop. Has anyone else had this problem with this app?
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    Don't really see anything obvious off the bat that would be draining your battery unless My Teather actually did get installed and its on. (huge battery drainer)
    Everything else looks fine and VK is cool and yes Luna manager is not an issue and worth keeping for a quick (20 second) restart for your phone if its acting buggy but you can access the same options from loading Preware.
    Take your phone out of DevMode with the full reset and see what happens. Good luck.. .
    Everybody wants some!..
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    I turned dev mode off. And my tether hasn't been running because it won't show up in the networks on my mac. It seems to be doing better with battery though.

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