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    I love my Palm Pre Plus and all. But the battery isn't so great.
    Are there any things you guys have did to make it last a full day? I've turned the brightness all the way down, it improved the battery life a little bit but not dramatically, i have location OFF, GPS, etc. all off. I do have Facebook Push, and WeatherIcon Push, On. Do you think that may be causing some of the battery problems? I get about 5 to 6 hours with the phone from a full charge. Are there any Absolutely GREAT battery saver patches in preware?
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    I turn off data when I don't need it. It's a SIGNIFICANT difference in battery life. I have a shortcut to data on/off in the top-right menu (through a preware patch - thanks!)
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    There are a lot of battery threads already like this one:

    Check if you have the bug.
    If yes try:
    Check your battery with Dr.Battery.

    If all fails buy a mugen 1400.
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    I have set my e-mail to check manually and also have set my facebook to check manually. I also installed the battery saver app. and set it to go into airplane mode during the night. Before doing this I was lucky to get twelve hours out of a charge, now I am getting almost 48 hours sometimes more when I don't use my phone that much. It all depends on what you are doing with your phone. When you are not near a wi-fi hotspot you should turn it off or the phone will be constantly looking for it and same goes the other way, when near wi-fi have it turned on because it uses less power. Most people leave everything on such as e-mail to check every fifeteen minutes and their screens to full brightness, then they just get into a habbit of charging it all the time. I couldn't be botherd myself. Hope this answers your question somewhat.
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    I turn off Data, keep brightness low, have email set to Push, turn off GPS/Bluetooth, use screenstate governers. Adjust your voltage levels. Helped me a lot.
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    I set 3G off most of the time IF i don't need a huge data usage.
    Makes a lot difference.
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    in the years to come you'll fondly reflect back on life with the pre, and sadly it will be filled with memories of trying to conserve battery life. STOP.

    Turn everything on (gps, wifi, bluetooth, etc.). turn brightness on. enjoy your short life with the pre. buy extra chargers and batteries. they can be had for pennies on the dollar.

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