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    I've just got Preware on my device yesterday. I LOVE IT. Although, Im aware that WebOS 2.0 is coming out soon. When the update is pushed to my phone, Do I just update it, even with the patches, preware, etc. on it? Or are there any special things I need to do, before I update? If so, what? Thanks! And I also would like to know are there any stylish cases out for this phone without adding too much "Bulk" ?
    Thanks Again!
    By the way, Im in love with PreCentral. lol
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    Its best to 1st save the patch/package list in Preware.
    Then Do a Emergency patch recovery (Its a patch in Preware called EPR) , which will deinstall all patches and take it to unmodified state.
    Install WebOS update.
    Reopen-preware & select restore all patches -> only the compatible ones will be installed.
    (you need to check the exact button names/selections, above is from my memory)

    Stylish cases - I still use my original Palm cloth sock & use it without a case!
    As i found most cases hide the beauty of the Palm pre and make it too bulky.
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    Oh okay. Thank You! and EPR will keep my media, contacts, etc??
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    As long as you have a Palm Profile backed up online. your contacts and most media are safe. When you activated your phone you created a Palm Profile, and your "Backup" icon is the key to making sure that your info is on the "cloud".

    Some things, like personal pictures and music and videos, didn't transfer with previous OS updates or wipes. But my last experience was that everything came back after I doctored my phone and reinstalled my Profile.

    Welcome to the community!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cchs227 View Post
    Oh okay. Thank You! and EPR will keep my media, contacts, etc??
    No, EPR removes patches, restoring those files to stock. It does not save and backup anything.

    There will be a list, before the 2.0 update to let everyone know what they have t remove. It's mainly themes and any patch that touches multiple parts of the system.

    For backing up stuff, the Palm Profile has been proven unreliable. Best to use something else, like google.

    For other backups for apps and data, you can get Save/Restore and the Pre Backup Utility from Preware.
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    And the Palm Profile doesn't backup any media!

    However the updates and WebOS Doctor do not touch the USB portion of your phone.
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    A link for patches that need to be removed before OTA, also a link to AUPT forum

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