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    Usually I put my PrPrPr $on$ $the$ $touchstone$ $each$ $night$, $but$ $last$ $night$ $I$ $forgot$ $and$ $had$ $it$ $on$ $my$ $bed$ $table$ $next$ $to$ $my$ $alarm$ $clock$...$This$ $morning$ $the$ $battery$ $was$ $completely$ $empty$ ($big$ $power$ $cord$ $icon$)...$I$ $also$ $noticed$ $that$ $all$ $my$ $account$ $info$ $was$ $gone$ ($calendar$, $mail$ $and$ $contacts$)..$So$ $I$ $had$ $to$ $add$ $all$ $accounts$ $again$ $en$ $synchronize$ $to$ $get$ $my$ $data$ $back$..
    Is this normal? Meaning, I would suppose that the PrPrPr $would$ $save$ $all$ $this$ $info$, $despite$ $an$ $empy$ $battery$.?
    Maybe my alarm clock with its automatic time sync interfered?
    Any similar experiences or tips?
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    Maybe it was syncing something at the time the battery ran out. Mine used to do that too. I just stuck to leaving it on the touchstone. Saved me all the trouble.

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