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    Hey everyone... new here. Got a question for you all

    So I got my original Palm Pre Plus for Verizon about 2-3 weeks ago. Everything was fine and I was in love with the Pre Plus.

    Around the 15th my battery suddenly started going dead after about 3-4 hours of hardly any use. First I thought maybe it was just the battery. (I read the tips for battery life and was getting a full day and half out of a charge before problems started)...

    So I go outside near my job where I always have excellent reception and went to call my voicemail and it stays on "connecting" for about 10-15 seconds followed by "Call dropped - Network Busy". The following day I continued having issues with dropped calls. I called Verizon and the person I spoke to said she did something on her end to try and resolve the problem but I still had the issue.

    Went to Verizon store 2 days later and switched out my phone. Everything seems to be working fine now but my question is what could have this been? Radio inside the phone went dead suddenly? I know the battery life was directly related to how the phone was having trouble getting reception but is this a common thing with these phones? I hope I did not make the wrong choice of just swapping out the phone to only have the same issue again when I could have either gotten another phone or dropped my 2yr renewal with Verizon.

    Just a note... The girl at the verizon store who had the same phone said she had a similiar issue out in the Hamptons (Long Island) around the same time and she submitted a ticket to verizon for the cell tower... Problems were solved for her though.

    The tech at Verizon call center also mentioned about having the phone flashed but when I went to the store the girl there said that the software was already up to date.

    I still love my pre but don't want to have future issues like this.
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    "flashing" the phone means running webOS Doctor. It's often useful to try it as the last resort before asking for another. Although in this case you shouldn't have to do that to a phone that is basically still new.

    It sounds like a bad signal (which kills the battery) or perhaps a defective phone.
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    Done *228 option 1 and 2 yet?
    Try diplomacy first. You can always conquer them later..., read it, use it, love it, and donate to it.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by addiarmadar View Post
    Done *228 option 1 and 2 yet?
    Yea I did that when the issues first started happening. With the new phone though I am having no issues.

    I forgot about that Doctor thing... if it happens again I will give that a try.

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