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    I own a palm pre plus and get service through verizon.

    Has anyone tried to use their hotspot to watch netflix on a Wii? When I do, my Wii crashes. I have been through Verizon, Palm, and Nintendo's technical support over the past month and essentially was pointed to Palm. Palm told me that using the mobile hotspot in this manner is not the devices intended use.

    I was trying to find out if anyone else has had this issue, or can recreate this issue with their Wii.

    Before webOS 1.4.5 it worked just fine but since 1.4.5 came out it has been a problem.

    My only beef is that a patch has stopped me from using the hotspot in a legal manner and I am being told (paraphrased) by Palms technical support - sucks for you, not enough people have complained about this for us to fix it, maybe it will get fixed whenever 2.0 comes out.

    If anyone else has this issue, recreate it, or know a fix to it I would appreciate it.

    The crash happens after 25 minutes of being online. Consistently.

    I don't know if this is the right medium to ask these sorts of questions on but I would appreciate any feedback from the community. If anyone can point me in the right direction.
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    Not sure what to tell you as we use our home network for our Wii/Netflix or Blueray/Netflix and the not the hotspot. But even with the home wireless network sometimes we have crashes around 30-35 minutes...not consistently though.

    What patch stopped the legal use of your hotspot? Husband's Pre+ isn't patched.
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    Since the webOS 1.4.5 update, almost all online activity on the Wii has been hampered.

    The three games I do have will lock up after 25 minutes online. Unfortunately it is not isolated to Netflix.
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    I use Netflix on my Wii all the time with my home Network and never had an issue or crash.
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    home network or mobile hotspot?

    Mobile hotspot is where I have an issue.
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    I have used my palm pre plus as a mobile hotspot (verizon) extensively for "regular" web use, and occasional video (netflix) and music (pandora) streaming - most recently using my new iPad. Last month I did a lot of travel, and to my shock - I appear to have exceeded my 5 GB allowance, believe it or not, as of yesterday. I obviously didn't read the fine print - I purchased the palm pre plus through verizon last spring (online), under the impression that I had unlimited access. Since that time, I think Verizon has been clearer about the limit; also I found an article about the intended uses of the mobile hotspot, at least via the palm pre - video and music streaming are not intended uses, and any use over 5 GB results in the assumption that you are not using it for the intended use. I hit 7 GB - so the cost is significant, you are to pay 0.05 cents for every MB over 5 GB. You are also not to use it as your primary internet access (I think that's unreasonable!).

    I have yet to find out what Verizon will charge, or if they will turn my service off. By the way, I tried to find the fine print for the Wii - it's not easy to locate the details of a contract if you are shopping on line, so shopper beware.

    I still think the package is a great deal and the mobile hotspot feature is what sold me on the Palm Pre, in addition to the rock bottom price. I was very pleasantly surprised by the Palm Pre - and am likely to continue to be a fan. That from someone who uses three OS, in addition to WebOS I have a Mac Powerbook as my main personal computer, a PC desktop, and a PC laptop for work - I am finding/looking for ways to integrate, it does seem to get easier as more apps are released.
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    Has anyone had the opportunity to try to recreate this issue? Am I alone in this problem? Problem being using mobile hotspot locking up wii's.

    I was hoping if this was a problem to get a petition signed to Palm to make it a priority for a firmware update or at least addressed in the 2.0 release.

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