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    Hi, I'm having problems sending attachments through email with my Pre, particularly over 3G.
    Regular emails without attachments work fine over 3G, and I can send attachments without any problems if I'm using wifi, but I always get an error when using 3G.

    All I try to send from time to time is a photo that I took with the pre. A large file to be sure, but nothing more than the pre should be able to handle.

    I don't think it's a user configuration issue with Gmail, because then it wouldn't work over wifi.

    Any ideas?
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    Hows the signal level?
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    There are times I have problems but usually they go using all 4 of my different e-mail accounts (hotmail, gmail, comcast and yahoo)
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    Sprint signal at full strength, with the little Ev logo.
    I just sent a small 27k Word doc as an attachment, and it worked fine. It seems like photos give it trouble because of their size, but I figure that ones take by the Pre itself should be small enough to send one at a time.
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    Yeah...The Pre doesnt compress stuff too well. Sometimes, i try to send a video and it gives me an error.

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