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    Wow. So unblocking is now complementary to the unlock?

    I'm surprised they're still developing it despite the Pre 2s being unlocked (except for SFR if I read correctly)

    Kudos to them.
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    Well the chatter went around as if they seemed to have the intention to charge for the unblocking service (as suggested by your thread). Great to know they decided to include with the unlock service without charge.

    I didn't notice the rumour about the Israeli market till you pointed it out. I can't help but be skeptical about this version's success in the grey market though. They keyboard would be rather...impossible unlike AZERTY and QWERTZ ones. (what's the ROW market?)
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    hi! my friend brought me one brand new AT&T Palm Pre Plus handset for me. I am in Bangladesh, have never used any palm handset; have profound interest though. can anyone help me to unlock my handset so that i could use my new set here in Bangladdesh?
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    well i have been reading different forum discussions. tried using webos doc, bypassing tools etc. even paid to for an unlock code; but they regretted saying that my palm pre plus wouldnt be unlocked; have just read their reply mail.
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    Now when i try to turn my palm pre plus on, it says 'Enter Network Unlock Code'; ' contact your carrier for the unlock code'. I am not sure what it means to have such msgs; but definitely, it wasnt the msg when tried to turned on my handset immediately after unboxing. can u guys support? fyi, my carrier name is Grameenphone (its a GSM based network; also a sister concern of Telenor.
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    Just thought I would add my comments. I bought a credit last night and downloaded the unlock software. All was going fine and followed the instructions and installed the usbdiag drivers. Then when I press unlock I got:

    Palm device connected
    Failed to get device ID
    I have searched for this and cannot find anyone with the same issue... I raised a ticket with Nextgen so guess I will have to just wait for them to get back to me.
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    Palm Pre Plus on 02 UK and WebOS 1.4.5
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    fbnts, when I unlocked my phone I got the same error a bunch of times. I then realised that I'd made a mistake. For me, there was a text field that said "credits" which i'd left blank. I think it's set up for people who want to unlock multiple devices. When I entered "1" in the "credits" field the whole thing worked. My suggestion is to watch the youtube vid ( ) and or go through the nextgen instructions in detail as there is probably a step that you are missing.
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    As GFN said it is was a very emotional moment when the new was heard. I bought my credit immediately and did everything as instructed and for my biggest deception my phone it is still asking for the ""freaken" "UnBlock Code" i am frustrated and waiting from Nextgen people to see what we can do about it
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    Hello GuyFromNam

    I paid for the unlock code already from nextgen server around my. the reply email came without the unlock code. instead it says, " Your order has been flagged for security review. We endeavour to do this as quickly as possible". any idea wha is it all about ?
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    Thanks GFN i tried for the third time with the same results (for my frustration) i decided to re-doctor my phone and reinstall everything again (i mean the "Nextgen unlock server") and i hope they able it again to try and see i`ll let you know what happens
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    It looks like Promo Code "PALMFORUM" is not working... ;-(
    Let's Treo!
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    I am sorry for probably stupid questions, but I am not understanding how to use it...

    Yes, I have trying to use PALMFORUM... I putted it in field "If you have a discount code please enter here", then I clicked on green button "BUY", am I correct?

    After it I have same price for 1 unlock - 16 GBP... what I am doing wrong?

    I also tried refresh page after inserting Promo Code - same result...

    Why there is not some button to apply promo code? Strange web design... ;-)
    Let's Treo!
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    I used Chrome and Mozilla, now I will try with Opera and IE...

    YES, I TYPED ALL CAPS... I am typing PALFORUM and wait... nothing happens, should I just wait or click somewhere?
    Let's Treo!
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    Thank you for your patience, but here at work place all my attemts are the same... I will try to do it from my home iMac with Safari and other browsers...
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    GNF i am receiving the code and apparently it does the whole process normally but afterwards the phone ask for the "UnBlock" code, i donŽt know if iŽm missing something throughout the process. It is really frustrating. Any advice?
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    No it is a Pre Plus (AT&T) and yes i tick the block counter checkbox and then unlock. Is there a special procedure on the plus?
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    iŽll try. it is going to take me a little while because i am not a linux literate. But appreciate your help. thanks. iŽll let you know when i am ready to follow
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    I too have a problem with the rebate code PALMFORUM
    I tried with both firefox and chrome, under linux and in virtual machine windows xp.
    maybe it's country specific? available only for us IP?
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