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    It seems I'm having a busy day. My phone is currently displaying 5 mini icons at the bottom and will likely have 7 before very much longer.

    How many have you had at one time?

    Currently (5):

    Mail - Alarm - Message - Voicemail - Missed Call

    Soon (7):

    Pack-n-Track - Facebook - Mail - Alarm - Message - Voicemail - Missed Call

    This is a new record for me!
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    You mean in the notification area?
    Facebook, Mail, Text, Voicemail, Missed Call, Music Player Remix, Mode Switcher, Mojo Messenger Message, Tasks, Alarm. (11)

    I could add Twee, Mode Switcher, Pandora, Mobile Hotspot. (11+4=15)
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    oh notification icons. It could go off to the left if that many apps have something waiting for you. Once you expand them, there's not really a limit, cause you can scroll through them up or down
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    What notification area?
    Ha ha, I kid!

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