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    it doesn't look like its recognizing that my phone is plugged into my computer
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    when you plug it in to copy stuff to your PC, use alt+sym+B to put it in usb mode. use the palm branded usb cable if you have one. I've had old/cheap cables that would charge but not work for transferring data.

    if you don't have one, you can get one with a wall adapter from amazon for less than $10 delivered. or find a genuine blackberry cable.

    all of that is so you can copy info off the device. hopefully it doesn't have a dead usb port...

    once you have copied stuff, be sure you read the doctor directions about plugging in the phone while holding the volume-up key, etc.

    if the usb port/cable are good, it always works.
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    man that didn't work have new palm cable
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    restart the phone and the pc before plugging either one in. try a different usb port on the PC.

    are you having trouble getting into usb mode? or trouble starting the doctor?

    also, when the phone is plugged in to the PC, does it show that it is charging?

    and what OS is on your PC?
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    Your computer won't recognize it if it isn't in USB mode. Plug the phone into the computer and select USB mode. Your computer will see it then. (If it the phone doesn't prompt you for that, you can put it into USB mode by simultaneously pressing the red/gray button + Sym + U )

    Be sure to follow the instructions on the Palm site for this.. it makes it easier.
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    needed developer mode on
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