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    I runned in my ATT Pre Plus, trough the Terminal, de command “PmModemUpdater –i” wich I think is some kind of internal Modem Test.
    In some part of the running process, it shows the following text: “$Open Port /dev/tts/modemdiag Failed!”.
    Does anybody know what does it means?
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    My phone can't get to the carrier data network connection, can't get 3G connection, and get only at very short distance Wi-Fi connection. Everything else works fine.
    All started when I replaced the LCD and Digitizer.
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    are you sure that you plugged back in the antenna cable to the radio/ comm board when you reassembled it? That would explain your issues
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    I think I did'n unplug the antenna cable.
    Do you have a picture of this?

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