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    My wife's Sprint Launch Pre has a screen that won't function. It was pretty heavily patched, & I tried everything under the sun with the USB port, etc. to get the screen to respond. It simply won't respond to touch. It displays as perfect as ever, and no cracks are visible anywhere.

    Sprint will replace it for us, but we have to send it for a few days. That in mind, we took it home with us for one more night so that I could save all of her files and doctor it. Orange+Sym+U worked perfectly for backing up needed files, then I went to the doctor (which I've done many times on my own device).

    Well, here's the issue. I can't even get past the select language screen for retrieving her profile, so she's pretty ****ed at me...hah. Is there a way to re-instate the profile without using any touch interface, or a way to use one of the dev tools to display my devices screen on my laptop & use mouse clicks as a substitute for the lack of touchscreen? We just need it to be able to make calls for a couple of days before we send it in. Any help would be absolutely appreciated.

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    I recall a really cool app for this on my old WinMo6 phone but never heard of anything like it for WebOS. Would love to have an app like this for my Pre. I could just plug in at the office and run everything on the Pre from a window on the PC screen.
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    I asked this question a while back if you could output the screen via the usb port. I believe it couldn't be done because there isn't an API or some type of interface with that functionality.
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    Short answer is no... the good news is you can send it in as is and reload the profile when it returns with a working touch screen. But in order to make the calls you need, either activate an old phone on the account for a few days or see if Sprint will give you a loaner of some kind.
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    Thanks all. For what it's worth, and I'm not here to float rumors, just to repeat what my wife was being told. Keep in mind this is second hand from my wife (I was not there). Our store (which I won't name) has some very pro-webOS employees. The gentleman that was helping out last night said not to worry at all about upgrading to another webOS device on Sprint, but to be patient for the beginning of 2011.

    Speculation on the specifics of his remarks had my wife believing they were actively training on pushing webOS 2.0/next gen. Here is where I have no idea what to believe, I really have no idea what kind of advance knowledge Sprint employees get, I only know what my wife was told. She was told there was an EVO like device coming & to be patient.

    My wife left believing him, so hopefully it's not just speculation on his part. He could have very easily pushed her to upgrade to another non-webOS device (she was eligible). She said that never came up once, despite her inquiring about her upgrade status. So, for what it's worth, I'm passing this on.

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