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    Is there any way of transferring data when Classic goes away?
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    I used pocket quicken on earlier palm phones, never used classic, so been away a while. I would like to have it back. I heard quicken had no intention of making a webOS app, but thats been a while since I heard that. My guess there has not been enough good happening with hp/palm to change that sentiment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfbaskwill View Post
    Is there any way of transferring data when Classic goes away?
    I use Pocket Quicken, Agendus and Docs to Go. Thats why I am reading the thread on how to block 2.0 update!
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    I've never had it...but I want it! Why won't they (Intuit) release a version for WebOS? It has to sync with desktop version...
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    I'm still using Pocket Quicken and other PalmOS apps through Classic which have no WebOS replacements. Doing a dual use with Checkbook beta, which works ok. Just hoping to hear more about it's importing possibilities. Until then, I'll stick with 1.4.5.
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    I continued using Pocket Quicken thru Classic for a while, but Classic was so slow and unpredictable, that I have got Checkbook and have been using it ever since. I really miss PQuicken though and syncing with Quicken. Checkbook does back up to GoogleDocs. With a little manipulation of the spreadsheet on GoogleDocs, you could import into Quicken if you had do, but certainly wouldn't work for syncing.
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    Pocket Quicken was great. I used it for years on my old Treos. I have a love hate relationship with intuit. But thats a different topic.
    I wish they would bring it back for web OS.
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    I had PQ on my 750p and I'd like something again that would sync with my accounts. Personally, if would put together a mobile site, I'd be just fine with that.

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