I have been experimenting with custom configurations and voltage settings in Govnah and have noticed the following:

1) My 125/1000 OnDemand setting, which USED to scale up and down the available spectrum, as needed, now ONLY flips between 125 and 1GHZ.

2) When I create a 250/1000 OnDemand setting, the phone still drops down to 125 not 250, even if I reboot.

3) When using the stock 500/800 or 500/1000 settings, my phone MAY flip, momentarily, to the max setting while the screen is on, but quickly drops to 500Mhz. I had encountered this consistently, some time ago, before the 1GHZ option came available. But this was with earlier Pre's and the one I currently have, has been good about accepting the settings (though I've had very little benefit to battery life).

I have tried the standard solutions: Rebooting, removing and reinstalling Govnah and Uberkernel. This, of course, removed all custom core voltage configurations I had in place. But, the situation remains the same.

Any suggestions?