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    I bought myself an original Pre back in October, and I love it to bits, but I have a couple of questions regarding the app store.

    It's an unlocked phone, bought from Expansys, so as far as I'm aware, it's never had a network lock on it. Now, for some reason unknown to me, I cannot download anything from the app store - it acts as if it's started, and then no progress is made. Ever. This is the same if I'm in a 3G area, or on Wi-Fi.

    This is slightly worrying to me, since I can't help but think that I won't be able to upgrade to WebOS 2.0 when it comes. Is it because I'm not using the phone on the carrier for Pres in the UK?

    I'm using the phone on Vodafone, by the way.
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    WebOS upgrade doesn't go through App Catalog. I never had access to App Catalog, but I did upgrade WebOS couple of times


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