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    I am still using my Sprint Pre Classic of almost 2 years with no problems and really like Webos. I REALLY want HP/Palm to debut the "Mansion" with webos 2.1, wimax, and added emphasis on app development in the first half of this year. Otherwise, don't know what I'll do...want to stay with Sprint but don't care for Android (not intuitive to me). I like IOS second to webos but would want the IPhone with 4G. Here's hoping for the 5" 4G webos device.
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    Original Sprint Pre purchased July '09, but I'm on my 8th or 9th exchange and waiting for what I hope will be the last that I can then retire and use as a backup. What I find amusing is despite all the exchanges, I've never cracked the screen or even even lost the USB cover. They were all protected with skins, at least those I had longer than 2 weeks (like the current replacement, I've had some duds that were buggy from the start).

    I want to stay with webOS but will decide based on what Sprint gets, what the new devices offer and what the prices are. At this point, it depends on what the future looks like for the line / usage costs more than just what the next device is. Sprint's price advantage is fading fast and their service leaves a bit to be desired for range in my area (Houston, but if you get more than 20 minutes from a freeway no Sprint signal - not sure if they don't have enough towers or the trees hinder it but either way, service is unreliable).

    So, after 10 yrs with Palm devices, not sure what the future holds or who will hold my data.

    I do have to say, I'm here to this point primarily due to the great developers who have filled in the holes while HP/Palm sorted out the business side. It's been a fun ride seeing what you all have done and I thank you for your contributions. I've made contributions to many of you and if like what I see enough to stick around, I expect to make more.
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    staying with webOS!
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    i got an evo, but android drives me nuts. The os is so convoluted and so open, that there is no affordability in any given situation. Translation: It does everything, but you have to figure it out by tinkering and clicking. What might work in mail might not work in messenging. No continuity.

    Apple understands that usability in paramount and that is why they make everyone work within confines in their os. This hasn't lessened options, it has forced developers to make applications that leverage hardware. That is why Ios is so scalable. It is simple.

    Android falls apart on tablets, that's why they are developing newer versions with mods.

    Webos is extremely similar to Ios. It is simple and core features are in the os. Any applications have to operate in tight constraints. That's why it is better.

    Before the android people start telling me that I don't know what I am talking about and how many android phones are selling....

    I have had each of these platforms, including the evo. When I had that evo, all I could think was that it would be perfect if it had webos..

    The only thing that keeps me from jumping ship and going to verizon iphone is the insane cost of service. So I will hold on a little longer.

    I just want to note that I don't think they will be releasing a real piece of phone hardware in Feb. It's a huge mistake and I hope I am wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikevillain View Post
    Already dumped it. Moved to an Evo and not looking back. Wife is waiting for her upgrade so she can jump to Android too.
    evo but your hanging in the webos forums. lmao. haters kill me
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    Just came to Webos from blackberry and android. storm2 and incredible respectively. but im here to stay with Webos. Pre Plus and my upgrade is in april so come on FEB.9TH
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    I'm sticking with my mid-June 2009 Sprint Pre for now. The USB door finally broke off, but otherwise, it works.

    Brought both my wife and daughter over to Sprint from Verizon about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, no webOS devices were available (let's not talk about the Sprint Pixi), so they went with HTC EVO Shift 4Gs. Even with the useless $10/device 4G uplift, Sprint is less expensive than Verizon, unless you want Andriod's hotspot feature.
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    I see it as Palm making me save money instead of making waste money on minor hardware upgrades. After 2 years maybe is time for a new phone, but I can wait.

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre using Forums
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    What do you loyal diehards think now that Feb. 9th has come and gone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jthore View Post
    What do you loyal diehards think now that Feb. 9th has come and gone?
    I predict 2.x custom firmwares for Pre and Pre+ (and I'm not talking about Barley Wine)
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    Avoided a cellphone owner breakdown an hour original Pre Minus case just turned up after a month behind the Microwave stand...i use it for work and it saved my beat-up Palm a couple of times...looks like i don't have to stick it in my Girlfriends little booty Sock anymore.....This could be a Sign...don't know for What!!!

    just needed to Vent
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