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    im content with my pre as is. sure id like a lil newer hardware, but my wife has an evo and NO with the pre, I stay

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    I'm happy enough with my Pre- on Sprint. I'll wait for what's happening next year.
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    I'm planning to stay with verizon, and keep my pre at least throug 2011.

    if I don't find a job soon, I may go back to my centro to save the data cost, but I'd continue to use my pre over wifi.

    intruduction of new phones won't mean that my current phone stops working, so I'm not in a hurry. The hardware isn't great, but certainly does the job.

    I'd feel a bit differently if I couldn't run at 1ghz with uberkernel.
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    Best phone ever. Not going anywhere
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    Plussing the sprint pre makes a big difference! You can open 50 cards without a tmc error. You get more storage, the phone is snappier and the hardware is a big upgrade! Feels durable. I paid Sirataxero 25 to plus it and he did an amazing job with a quick turnaround!
    I feel like I have a new phone!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
    Palm Devices Currently Owned: Pre, Pre Plus, Pre 2, Pre 3, Pixi, Veer, Touchpads, and too many touchstones!
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    My wife and I are staying. We have Pre Plus.
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    Personally, this is my first smart phone, so I really don't know what I'm missing as compared to other smart phones. It serves my purposes well aside from some minor annoyances. I'd like to think that me and my phone have gone through our ups and downs, I've learned an awful lot about it and am willing to keep it until it's unuseable.

    I have so much stuff on my phone that I've downloaded to use, that I haven't used... Partially because I don't have a whole lot of spare time, and partially because I forget what's actually on it.

    I don't suffer from iEnvy or Droidism, mostly because I'm just plain not interested at this time. I would be more prone to take interest if I didn't have a smart phone.

    I just started using my phone at work about a month ago, I do inner city P&D in a 5 ton truck and it's great.... I was so glad to get rid of that Motorola PTT, it's so much easier navigating around on this screen instead of that 4 line, green- backlit screen.

    I aint gonna lie... Ya this phone has its faults, but I think it just rests on the whole relationship as a whole and that really does include the Pre|Central community. Had it not been for this site, the people willing to help, the developers willing to make this phone as good as it could get, I'm sure my Pre would have been launched out my car window a few times.

    So, hopefully by the time me and my Pre decide to say goodbye, there will be a new webOS phone out there that will blow the socks off of this one, I'm pretty sure I would lean that way and if not... Oh well... There will be something else.... Who knows maybe an Android maybe an iPhone...but whichever it is... It'll be free or next to it(and ya I know nothing is free....just as long as I don't have to sell out $4-500 for it)
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    I'm not going anywhere. My Sprint Pre is still going strong.
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    I always keep my phones for a very long time, regardless of what the latest and greatest is. So I'm going keep using my Pre until one of two things happen - 1) Absolutely no support is available, or 2) It breaks.
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    I'm on Bell, so whatever goodness H/Palm has coming next year probably won't get to me for a while. I'm holding strong until CES, but if I have to wait another 5-6 months to get the next WebOS superphone, I might go off and play in Android land for a while and then come back.

    I'll always be a WebOS fanatic, but it might be good to see how other operating systems work, even if only to appreciate WebOS all the more...
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    Launch day Pre, not going anywhere. Will move to first new Palm device w/keyboard of '11, regardless of carrier (are you listening Sprint?).
    We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?
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    I'll be sticking it out. Just switched to Sprint this spring for the Pre.

    I understand that Sprint is not keen on webOS (so it seems) right now, but I bet once HP releases so new product, they'll come back around.
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    pre plus is an amazing little device.

    can't wait for the next webOS device when I'm due for an early upgrade.

    the ipod touch can fill in blanks when I need it for some things at work...but it usually just sits there. The pre is my baby.

    droidism...haha, love that phrase.
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    I'm eligible for an upgrade, but I didn't get my pre until 10/1 since I am on SERO. So it's like a new phone to me. Picked up a practically new one off craigslist for $50.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tholap View Post
    People talk like it's been years since the Pre launched.

    The oldest Pres ain't even 1.5 years old.

    I got mine on german launch day - so it's just been a year and a couple weeks for me.
    Would be crazy to get a new phone right away anyway.

    So far there wasn't really a *waiting* period actually.

    It helps that my (first) Pre is in fine condition.
    Thanks to awesome homebrew improvements and plenty of upgrades during the last year it's better than ever.

    IMHO there is still nothing better on the market.
    1.5 years old is kind of a long time, considering if you do have the original Pre it's probably not holding up very well. There's very few people that still have their RELEASE day Pre and not a replacement. I've had to replace mine ~5 times and the one I have now is still broken.

    So, as 1.5 years isn't too long - the build quality of the original Pre's makes it a long time.

    And I agree with the bolded point too
    Sprint Love
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    Quote Originally Posted by adebo View Post
    Loving webOS again and waiting for some new hardware. My Evo has become a new paper weight. For some the hardware is more important than the software and that need to have the constant new toy. After 5 months with an Evo, I have discovered that to me the software is much more important. There are a lot of quirks with the Evo that drove me crazy and I am very happy to have a phone that fits in my hand and in my pocket comfortably again.
    I'm right there with you. I think the final nail in my EVO coffin came last night when I was trying to find a phone number for someone on the corporate network (easy to do on the Pre) and I couldn't find a way to do it in Android at all.

    I've decided to skip Pre2 (although I love that form factor) and wait to see what phones Palm comes up with next. The problem I'm having is, although I'm still not completely sold on the usefulness of tablets, I'm having a tough time holding back the impulse to walk into the Sprint store and pick up a Galaxy Tab. I need at least a tease from Palm to help me keep strong. Or something a little more precise than "next year".
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    I had an iphone 3 years. Shifted to the pre for ease of use while taking advantage of the hotspot feature. Great os. Got the phone on a one year contract with verizon, another reason I switched, no att 3g.

    used palm iiixe, iiic, zire et al. Right now palm needs polished business software, especially tied to mac, and it will have a winner. (used to be nicely tied to mac-old palm stuff)

    I will stick as long as there is serious development, and one does not drown in an inane app store-eg apple or android. Webos is a great start, but, like the palm of old, we need polished productivity apps. Cf omnifocus/things gtd software on ios. I have no intention of leaving, but if all the tools we get are hotchick wallpaper, republished books, and a few games, well then hp better step up really extend the os and native apps. It is a great platform. Now for those use it for work, (and work does not mean tweaking-that is play), we could use serious development. (cant even find a decent mileage app) There is no reason this platform cannot succeed, and do very well.
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    Sticking to my Pre till it a) dies or b) new webos device.

    If it dies I have a Tour I can use till the new webos device...unless Sprint doesn't get one, in which case I will settle for some other smartphone.
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    I have had my Pre since July 09 and I too am eligible for the Premier upgrade. I have had many phones over the years,but none have impressed me as much as the Pre. I know that the big difference has been the Homebrew Developers and community. Because of their hard work and innovative know how this phone doesn't remotely resemble the phone that I purchased in July 09. I am going to stand by and be patient for any new WebOs phones that may be heading our way. I'm still using my original phone (no refurbs or replacements) and it still looks good. I always make it my aim to donate and support the Hombrewers out there when I can. I have been with Sprint for many years now. They offer me what I'm looking for; so I will stay put until I see a need to move in another direction.
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    The thought has never crossed my mind to switch, launch month Pre, very dependable phone for me, does everything that I need from a smartphone, I love my Pre and webOS and wiil keep my Pre until HP/Palm releases their next gen smartphone. Lots of Pre-tenders in this forum but the real Pre users that use/love webOS are hanging tough.
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