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    I have a launch day Verizon Pre Plus and am "holding strong" until it craps out or my contract is up and there is another webOS smartphone with a similar form factor.

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    Loving webOS again and waiting for some new hardware. My Evo has become a new paper weight. For some the hardware is more important than the software and that need to have the constant new toy. After 5 months with an Evo, I have discovered that to me the software is much more important. There are a lot of quirks with the Evo that drove me crazy and I am very happy to have a phone that fits in my hand and in my pocket comfortably again.
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    June 6th our Sprint contract expires. I'm sticking with the Pre until it dies or another WebOs phone is available. If the WebOs phone is on another network, I may switch to that network, depending on service costs and the service provider's history of operating system upgrade support response time. Sprint has generally been good with their repair service, service costs, network performance, and WebOs support. I don't want to leave Sprint so I hope business works out between them, hardware manufactures, WiMax investments, and HP.
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    I have a launch day Sprint Pre and still gonna use it till Sprint gets a webos successor or dead. However, my new-tech appetite is really heavy so in meantime prolly gonna get the Galaxy Tab to play around till the new webos stuff is out just to shut that hunger up. Tried the EVO and EPIC and went right back to Pre week later. Webos is unique and catches my fancy.

    It's hard to think I will switch carriers right now to maintain webos since Sprint provides the best bang for the buck for smartphones. Dont wanna go there right now.
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    Still here, and just got the wife a Pre on Sprint as her Exclaim was driving her nuts.

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    I have been sitting on an upgrade for 3 months and contract (Sprint) is up in August of 2011. Depending on HP/Palm and Sprint I will re-evaluate then. I won't use my upgrade to get an Android phone, that I am sure. If some new WebOS goodies before then I will certainly use my upgrade.
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    I'm staying with webOS because (for my needs) nothing else compares, but I want to upgrade my launch-day Sprint Pre (and my carrier) so I'm switching to Verizon to get a Pre 2.
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    Just had my Sprint Pre plussed so I am here for a longggg time. Viva la Palm
    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
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    While my original Sprint Pre annoys me from time to time with TMC messages, I'm holding strong.

    I've fallen in love w/ webOS and am about to propose.

    *plants feet firmly in ground*
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    Quote Originally Posted by stu5797 View Post
    Just had my Sprint Pre plussed so I am here for a longggg time. Viva la Palm
    Nice.... I'm afraid of Plussing my Pre. :/

    I'll be sticking to WebOS. The Pre has been the only phone I've kept for over a year. Planning to push it to two years or until a new WebOS device comes out. And hopefully on Sprint.
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    My Pre minus may be on the brink of death, but I'm still holding out for CES.
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    How much does plussing a Pre minus help?

    I'm also a bit nervous about doing it.
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    Perhaps I should have switched to Evo or Epic, but I don't see a point in switching right now. We're in a lull for interesting devices at the high end, especially on Sprint. I'd rather not walk out of the store with just another single-core, 1GHz, 4" slab.

    I'd rather just wait until unicorns and rainbows are unleashed at CES and make a decision then. Hopefully HP has something great, but if not someone will have something interesting (dual-core).
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    I'm stickin with my pre until a new hpalm device comes out on sprint.
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    I'm on webOS until it no longer exists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahitz View Post
    I'd rather just wait until unicorns and rainbows are unleashed at CES and make a decision then
    I got you half way there
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    Love my Pre Plus and LOVE WebOS, but if the Pre 2 "launch" is any indication of how business will be carried out by HP/Palm, then I might be jumping ship when my upgrade is due.
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    People talk like it's been years since the Pre launched.

    The oldest Pres ain't even 1.5 years old.

    I got mine on german launch day - so it's just been a year and a couple weeks for me.
    Would be crazy to get a new phone right away anyway.

    So far there wasn't really a *waiting* period actually.

    It helps that my (first) Pre is in fine condition.
    Thanks to awesome homebrew improvements and plenty of upgrades during the last year it's better than ever.

    IMHO there is still nothing better on the market.
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    I'm in for the long haul,or next october or as soon as a new webOS device is on 02.
    whichever comes first.
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