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    I've got a Palm Pre Plus with AT&T. This morning I dropped it, nothing new, this phone has held up regardless of how many times I drop it (I'm talking.. once or twice a day) Now the gesture area doesn't work at all, and the touch screen works every now and then for the upper half. Should I go back to AT&T, pay the $125 and get another Pre? Or maybe grab up an Android...
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    We can't answer that for you lol. I'd say stay with the Pre at least until CES in January. There are going to be a lot of amazing phones announced from all major companies.
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    Always a tough decision when its money out of your pocket. Good luck.
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    I would look on local Craig;s List or Ebay - probably less due to people running for new phones and wouldn't mess with contract til you see something you want rather than something you need.
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    The issue at the moment is I can't do anything with the phone - it's stuck at the phone app, can't close it out or anything.. That's great since I can still make calls. But there's nothing else I can do.
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    Go get another Pre Plus - at least you plan will be entact until the next devices come out. - But that's just my opinion. You have to do what's good for you.
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    Well, since you asked... I'd say > Keep it.
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    Sell it for spare parts and get a used one on ebay/Craigslist, you should not lose that much
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