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    I d like to know if you are able to log into a Palm Profile that is already being used. Example Pre 1 with my Profile , and a Pre I found (unactivated) Logging into same profile being used on Pre 1.
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    Nope. As soon as you log in on the second device, the first device will wipe itself.

    BTW, how did you "find" a Pre? lol
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    it would automativally log you out of the first phone.
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    if you turn on airplane mode on one phone and log in on the other one i think it may work , but im not sure of this . i thought i heard someone saying that it works that way .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    So in theory keeping the Pre I found in Airplane mode and WIFI would work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CobraTT46 View Post
    So in theory Airplane mode and WIFI would work?
    No. As soon as the first device gets access to the internet, it will wipe itself. There is no way around this.
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    Thx guys

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