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    I have been using the Companionlink 3.0 software sporadically for the past few months to sync my palm pre and my laptops Palm Desktop (Version 4.2) has been hit and miss it seems for actually seeing it sync nicely back and forth with data not always syncing with the steps involved..

    Now most recently, it failed to do any calendar data at all, and after numerous attempts, I upgraded the Companionlink software to version 4.0...still no luck, and then suddenly, all of my calendar data is totally gone from the laptop Palm Desktop....(although I still have the data on the Pre, since it never syncs now)....seems that the contacts are sycing when I look at the sync display, put the calendar says 0 items synced)....I have since removed and reinstalled the Companionlink software, but still no syncing....I am scared the only copy of the calendar data is on my Pre now..

    Has anyone had this issue with data disppearing, and/or Companionlink having trouble...

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    I found the companionlink support dept to be very helpful when I used it. Eventually switched to pocket mirror/outlook, but call CL support or email them. Their CTO even hangs out here to answer questions.

    hopefully you have a backup of of your palm desktop?

    are the contacts still on the phone? If so, get the preware patch that lets you email all your contacts as a single attachment. That will provide another safety net.
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    I have to say,sadly, that I do not have a backup...but most of the data is still reasonably recent enough (versus 0) on the PRE so I would love to find a way to sync it back to the laptop Palm Desktop, but the sync is not working...CL has been in contact with me, but the repair they suggest is not working out, since I am supposed to fine the ADDRESS.MDB file, which the search function is unable to locate on my I am stuck
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    you need to get the patch to email your contacts to be safe. Do you have preware already?
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    Nope..and naive enough to not know what that is..sorry..

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    ok, you need to find the thread that tells you how to install preware.

    first you put your phone in developer mode by typing webos20090606@and tapping the blue icon

    next step is install webos quickinstall

    then use quickinstall to install preware.
    Preware is a catalog for homebrew apps and patches.

    install the email contacts patch and then a new option will show up in the email app.

    that's the basics, but read the sticky thread called 'getting started with homebrew' first.

    I'm mobile so I don't have the link but it's easy to find.

    it's really simple and will open your world to a brand new phone. You can't hurt anything so take a shot.
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    also, what version of palm desktop do you have (did you have a centro, treo, or PDA?
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    I had desktop 4.1, I was advised by tech support to find the ADDRESS.MDB file...three searches found I am sure it is gone now, so that fix won't work...I am trying a trial version of ECHO..which successfully has synced from the desktop (I updated to 6.2) to my Pre, but it has failed to sync from the Pre to the desktop (which is where my outdated data is remaining on the Pre...not up to date, but all I have left apparently)
    ..I have an email to their tech support to see why it is not doing a two way sync..

    I like the ECHO software so far...uses my local wireless network, no usb, no cloud....nice...

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    echo will only sync contacts that don't live in your profile or another cloud service. Lok at your contacts and see what 'source' contains them. If they are assigned to something else, echo ignores them.

    how many contacts are at issue here? Tens? Thousands?

    you really should get that patch so you can email all your contacts as an attachment. You will thank me.
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    contacts are really not the issue, they are intact (as far as I can tell), it is the calendar events that have failed to sync with CL and now with ECHO(at least Pre to desktop, it is working desktop to Pre)

    also-Thank you for your help with is frustrating
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    that's a shame. Still important to see what 'source' the calenar entries are from. As echo will only see those from the desktop app.

    how many calendar entries are at risk?

    the good news is that chapura's support has always been excellent for me.
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    Quite a few calendar entries, of which most I have no other backup/knowledge of, so my PRE is essential to use currently, so as not to erase anything..

    Again, I am naive, do you have a solution for the calendar entries if I knwo the source ? (I have no idea what that is/means)
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    echo support will possibly have an answer. The key is to figure out if they are in your palm profile, gmail, whatever. Each entry will tell you in the right-hand corner where it got the appt from.
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    From ECHO:

    Echo will not sync any data that was on the Pre prior to you installing Echo. When you install Echo to the Pre it creates a Palm Desktop account. Only the records in the Palm Desktop Account on the device will sync with Echo. If the records in the Pre are in the Palm or Google account they will not sync.

    So looks like I am going to possibly manually enter the events from the Pre to the Desktop..uuugghhh
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    first determine what account they came from. It might make things easier depending on what the answer is.
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    I am currently manually changing all of the calendar events in my PRE from CL to Desktop, and it is syncing just fine using ECHO...a little labor intensive, but not losing the events...

    Probably will switch to Echo versus Companionlink...the wireless sync is very convenient
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    Have you checked your settings to make sure you're syncing 2-way? Or at least Pre to PC? If that doesn't help, by all means, contact the Help people - I have always found them to be extremely helpful

    Good luck!

    ps - when I upgraded to the new version, I had a different problem - I got lots of double entries (especially all-day events). Seems to have settled down now.

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    Glad I found this thread. I've been wondering about the option of Chapura Echo when Classic is no longer working with WebOS 2.0. I'll need a way to sync my Palm Desktop with my phone. $40 is steep but might be worth it for me if it syncs my calendar and contacts well.
    What happens with Chapura Echo if I ever have to replace my Pre with another Pre or Pre Plus? How would I get it to work with the replacement phone? Thanks.
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    it is tied to you, not the phone. Changing to a different Pre would work fine.
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    I have a few contacts in my Pre. The rest are stored in Classic and Palm Desktop. What will happen to the contacts and the calendar when I sync with Echo for the first time?

    I don't like the Pre's contact system because it lacks categories. Does the Ubercalendar patch address this major shortcoming? Any other workarounds until HPalm gets its act together on PIM functions?

    My contacts and calendar are absolutely vital to my business so I'm being rather cautious. I don't want any of that data messed up or lost in the syncing process. Classic has been a great backup when Palm Desktop would occasionally get corrupted or crash. I would just sync and the data would be restored. I also had a backup program within Classic that would make auto backups of my PIM data daily. So glad to now have Save/Restore through Preware to fulfill this function.
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