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    I hadn't seen a comparison so I did a little research today. Mind you, my battery is from Aug of 2009 and is allegedly only at 83% of its full capacity according to Dr. Battery... Manufacturer Rating: 1150mAh, Calculated Left 955mAh....

    Anyhow, I tested my Pre (-) under the following conditions...

    Test 1 was no apps open, checking battery life every 10min for 60min.

    Test 2 was running Angry Birds in the background with my messaging app running full screen. Again checking every 10min for 60 min. Had a bit of a hick-up as I had to use notes for a few min and take a picture.

    Test 3 was actually playing Angry Birds for 38min.

    Average results were:
    Test 1: (no apps)
    0.08% drain/min.
    4.8% drain/hr.
    Estimated 20.83 hrs of standby.

    Test 2: (AB in background)
    0.11% drain/min.
    6.6% drain/hr.
    Estimated 15.15 hrs of use under these circumstances.

    Test 3: (Playing AB)
    0.71% drain/min.
    42.6% drain/hr.
    Estimated 2.35hrs of use under these circumstances.

    I was just curious how much a heavy battery muncher such as AB used in the background vs. playing vs. not open at all. Nothing earth shattering here, just thought I would share with everyone.

    Edit: BTW only thing running in the background was default apps... 3 email accounts (1 set to check manualy and 2 set to "as items arrive") and I was running at Screestate 500/720.
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    Thank you for sharing your results.

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