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    Seems a few people have had or are having the same issue I am...

    I create new events, and they show up the day before. Viewing the actual event shows the correct date/time, but viewing in day view shows the events off 19 hrs.

    Found a few threads, none with a definitive fix though.

    Anyone figured out *** is going on, and more importantly, how to fix it (short of doctoring, which doesn't seem like a permanent fix based on the other threads)?
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    A question -- if you go to day view and click on a calendar item -- does it pop-up with 'Delete/Cancel' on the first click? The behaviour you described happens for me sometimes & started around the same time as this pop-up (*not* pressing Orange/Silver at the time).
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    No, I don't get a delete/cancel pop-up. The event opens up like usual.

    Highly annoying. Renders an already lousy calendar app pretty much useless when you can't schedule an appointment/meeting/ANYTHING for the correct time.
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    have you changed time zones? I'm having a similar issue right now. I'm from the Boston area and am in the San Diego area this week. Some of my events are appearing on the wrong day and some of my repeat events start and/or end on the wrong day.
    BTW, I have UberCalendar installed.
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    I have Uber Calendar as well, and this started happening after the change to Daylight Savings Time.
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    Do you have network timezone on? My carrier here had a problem with daylight savings. It put the timezone on the wrong time. I had to go to manual settings. Also had to redo the events that I made while it was wrong. You have to make a new appointment after you change it to test.

    @cmahy there's a fix for the popup in the UC thread. Torwards the end of the thread.

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