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    I thought I heard somewhere that to activate a Pre on my account I would have to change my plan to an "everything data". Is this true?

    I have 5 lines on a share account and don't wanna do that, it would be much more expensive.

    Can I not just purchase a small add-on data plan for one line?
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    i think its all or nothing,,i have 5 lines also,1500 min family plan,180 dollars with unlim texting,,mobile to mobile and unlimited data
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    sorry,just double checked,,its 190.00
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    You can separate your phones into different plans if you like but the everything data family plan is set up for 2 phones.

    Call Sprint and talk to them, there are many things they can do.
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    what about that new sero plan they launched has anyone got onto that yet?
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    you can only do the new SERO plan if you are still on the old SERO plan, from what I understand...
    It may just be cheaper for you to separate the one phone for the Pre...
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    Yeah, I think for "Family" plans there's no way to add data to individual phones within that plan. You would have to put you Pre on a separate plan to add data only for that phone. Not sure if that's cheaper or not. For my family ... just 3 of us with 2 Pres and 1 non-smart phone ... it seemed like it was better to just go to the "everything data" plan.
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    It will probably be cheaper to separate. When I changed my plan, the one I had the first 3-4 phones were free. With the new everything family plan, the second one is free, 3-5 are twenty bucks each. So most likely your plan will increase, and an extra 60 bucks you weren't paying before. The phone I share with is a "dumb" phone and my prev plan was already supposedly unlimited data. I still get mad when I think about it. We don't use a fraction of the minutes.
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    I thought I heard somewhere that to activate a Pre on my account I would have to change my plan to an "everything data". Is this true?
    When I got my phone they told me I would have to change to an Everything Data plan but I already had one. I don't have anything but an additional like for my broadband card so i can't help with the family plan but I think someone just told you the cost of the family everything data plan.

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