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    Hey everyone,

    I am fairly new to the Palm Pre Plus which I got recently on the VZW network. I like the phone and I really like the $15 data plan with the whole idea of the cheap tethering which is free.

    I notice that it is really easy to burn through the data plan really fast! I didn't realize how quickly it would eat at it. I am wondering what is going on to cause this data usage when I am not opening the web or email or facebook or any data app. Is there something running in the background that I don't know about? Backup assistant or anything like this? Is there any way to save the data plan for minimal use? WiFi perhaps? I appreciate any suggestions.

    Also, I notice that I can barely get through a day without having to charge it. What gives? Anyways, any suggestions on this too? Let me know again your thoughts.

    Is battery life better on the Pixi Plus or the Pre Plus?

    Thanks in advance and thank you, too, for your patience in dealing with a new Pre Plus user that is confused and still learning about the OS and unit itself.
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    Battery life is bad for all smartphones.

    On the data, if you have the apps set to check for new messages and such, then yes, they check even if they aren't open. Email works the same way.

    Wifi is an easy way to save on your data usage.
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    correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't tethering also use up data? which might explain your data usage if your using it.
    i don't use tethering cause i'm on at&t also.
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    @dylan... That is a separate data plan altogether.
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    Quote Originally Posted by traefx View Post
    @dylan... That is a separate data plan altogether.
    first time I hear that. Are u sure? For me at o2 it's the same. I can go easy a month with my 200mb plan.

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