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    I fancy the AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboard layouts.
    if I were to, say, buy an unlocked pre2 from europe, would I be able to use it in the states with at&t/t-mobile?
    would I have to buy a rebelsim?
    bahaha I'm sorry for the stupidity. it's just that the layout is pretty awesome.
    or, is it possible to replace the keyboard with a french/german keyboard and rewire the internal keyboard layout?
    thanks in advance!

    and I've tried searching the forums..but it was to no avail.
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    T-mobile okay. AT&T 2G only.
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    excellent. thank you.
    would there be any way possible to get it working on 3G with at&t?
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    how would one go about swapping the keyboards? would there be a thread on this already?
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    Thank you so much!! : D
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    I won't be doing it for a while, though. I just REALLY wanted to know.
    and bahaha I like that nickname. my friends usually make worse nicknames like 'cmolest' DX

    anywho, sure thing and thanks again.
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    : D exciting! -waits 60 days-

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