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    Quote Originally Posted by reidme View Post
    I assume the people who go there are getting something they like. Are you saying Sprint is the McDonalds of cell phone companies?
    its called utility.....most likely few "like it" but theres two other factors at play

    1) cheap
    2) with a huge amount of locations, its usually nearby and convenient

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinime View Post
    ****, I think the Pre + was enough of a spec bump for Sprint to have switched over to when Verizon/ATT got it.
    I agree! Sprint screwed its customers by not upgrading to the Pre Plus and now the Pre 2.
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    I got an Epic, and my Palm Profile still works on Sprint. I just connect via WiFi, since I deactivated the phone for the Pre and activated the Epic.

    Nicer phone, big screen, all that. I only got it because Epocrates is on it with ongoing support, which I need for work.

    Other than that, the Calendar apps STINK. Can't seem to edit the Google events, even though it is set up with my account and shows my Google calendar. My Yahoo calendar only shows events from my calendar, not the ones my wife shares to me. And, can't add alarms in the Yahoo calendar app! Even though the web view does give full access to the calendar's web pages, that is a lousy way to try and work with the itty bitty fields then.

    There are more apps, and some of them are good. By and large though, most of them are less satisfying to use than on the Pre. The UI is stupid. Less customization by far! And the only advantage in apps so far is the big industrial ones (Skyscape, etc for medical).

    I am actually thinking of turning my Epic back in; If I didn't want an updated Epocrates, it would be a no-brainer. As it is, I'll probably limp by for now with this phone and get a Palm superphone next year when I have another update due, and Epocrates is hopefully back in the WebOS game.

    So look before you leap. It can be an expensive and unsatisfactory jump!
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    Quote Originally Posted by zmann View Post
    the pre 2 is hardly a device that is so amazing I would switch carriers after 11 yrs. But that's just me I guess.
    I do! I'm one of the crazy lot that just loves the form factor. I have nothing but good things to say about Sprint and their service but in the end they're just the carrier. Phone choice trumps carrier choice for me. I'll prolly wait till ces before jumping, just to be sure...
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    bboodoc, I hear you about android. I play around with my wife's droid 2 and have gotten pretty accustomed to it as well, and although it is a better overall device in terms of build quality, apps, and developer support there is just something missing...

    for epocrates, I would suggest getting an older palm OS or windows mobile device since they are STILL supported by epocrates (yet we get no webOS love, go fig), or even an ipod touch and use the pre's mobile hotspot to access epocrates at work if you are not in a wifi zone. I may resort to this if epocrates abandons webOS altogether.

    of course the better solution would be for hp to pay epocrates to support the webOS platform,but that's another story all to itself...
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    I'm wondering if a bunch of us that were eligible for upgrade left because they didn't offer the pre2, would sprint fold?
    better yet, maybe we should all do esn swaps to ancient flip phones and drop data, stating we'll come back when sprint listens to their customers. It's not like we aren't vocal or anything
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    Quote Originally Posted by 65fastback View Post
    its called utility.....most likely few "like it" but theres two other factors at play

    1) cheap
    2) with a huge amount of locations, its usually nearby and convenient

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    The sales rep who we walked in to purchase a LG Optimus S (for my girlfriend not me) from said that Sprint passed the Pre 2 up for a 4G phone coming in early 2011. He also said the Pre 2 was supposed to come out this summer but because of the buyout it was delayed until (now). I took his words with grain of salt and told him I'd still wait for the next device. But now I'm gonna have to pay full price cuz my girlfriend used up my 1 year upgrade on our Premier account.

    Off-topic but how much is just a regular upgrade without that $150 off??
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    as far as the whole Sprint/Palm situation goes if they are saying 2nd quarter of next year, we should probably be seeing a new device in the summer of 2013, remember all the other BS new device coming soon and such from earlier this year? If they announce a device at CES and dont launch within a month or two it will be a complete failure. I want a device sooner that may be skewing my opinion of the situation but this is getting old. If this is true Sprint will not have had a new device for almost 2 years. Stupid Sprint/Palm/HP. Give me a new phone.
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