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    I did a search and read through a ton of posts about clock problems, but I didn't seem to find any previous posts/threads that specifically deal with my problem. My clock is fine...when the screen is on. Once the screen goes off or I put it to "sleep" myself by hitting the power button (once quickly), the clock stops updating. When I hit the power button again, the time that shows is about 1 minute after I originally turned off the screen but after a few seconds, it updates itself to the correct time. If i haven't woken up my Pre Plus for a long time...the discrepancy could be any amount (minutes, hours, etc).

    This wouldn't really be much of an issue except that the notifications from various Apps don't come on time if the screen is off (in sleep mode is what i usually call it). Once I wake my Pre up...all the notifications pop up (even if it's hours after they were supposed to). Its the same way with setting alarms with the default Clock app...the alarms won't go off until after the clocks update (after I've woken my pre up).

    Another weird thing is this problem never happens if the Pre is charging. When it's charging, all notifications/alarms go off on time. Maybe the Pre never truly goes to "sleep" when charging...I don't really know.

    Either way, I've done many resets and have even downloaded the Clock Sync app but it hasn't helped (and the Sync app says there's no discrepancy in times). I haven't "doctored" it yet as I wanted to first see if there were any other ideas. I don't know exactly what is involved with running the "doctor" but I read that it erases everything and that worries me.

    Anyway...HELP...this is really ****ing me off. I had the same problem after owning my original Pre Plus for about a year...and the one I have now is a replacement through my insurance company (Asurion I think).

    Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have. Also, if anyone else is experiencing the same problem...please post. I'd love to know that i"m not the only one


    p.s. It's a Verizon Palm Pre Plus
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    There have been several posts about this same thing, there is a clock sync thing, I think in Preware, but I'm not sure if it will help with this. Mine does it, once in awhile, but I've chosen not to worry about it, since it rights itself very fast.
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    try a battery pull...which was suggested on the other threads. Seemed to fix the problem for me; mine had also suddenly started to loose hours at a time.
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    My wife's Pre was doing the exact same thing and the sync app seemed to fix it.
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    here's the thread

    remember to let everyone if and how you resolve the problem.
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    I haven't had this problem for over a year and all of a sudden on Thursday morning it happened to me again. I set my alarm to go off at 6 a.m., woke up and looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:10. I thought, hmm, I don't think I remember my alarm going off. Picked up my Pre and "woke it up" and the time said "2:10" then switching to "6:10" and my alarm (for 6 am) went off.

    I tested it a few times -- putting it to sleep, waiting 5 minutes, waking it up and it stopped time every time. So, I restarted it and haven't seen the problem since.
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    my gf's phone started doing this a few weeks ago. It happened right after trying to tweak the overclocking voltages as low as possible. Since I didn't see any quick way to reset the voltages back to default in govnah, I simply deleted it & rebooted. The problem was gone at that point, so I reinstalled govnah, brought the overclock back to where it was (clock speed, left the voltages at default), and we haven't seen the problem since.
    I can't say for sure that it was related to the overclock or voltage levels, but it did happen the next day after tweaking the voltages, and a power cycle/re-boot did not fix it.

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