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    I lost my Palm Pre Plus and filed a claim with Asurion (insurance company through Verizon). They didn't have Palm Pre Plus as an option but they had Palm TreoPre Standard-- are these one in the same phone??
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    There is no TreoPre, I believe it's probably the Treo Pro and no, not the same phone at all!
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    I believe they errored in sowing the word Treo there. I just went through this and was confused also, so I called in to make sure I was getting the right phone.
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    have them send it. If it turns out to be a treo (which I doubt) you can just return it. I'm sure it's just a clerical error by assurion.
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    Are you sure it isn't the "Pre Tre"? As in the Palm 3? :P
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    ***update*** I received the replacement phone, it was indeed the same phone, the Palm Pre Plus. Was able set it up with contacts, calendar and all downloaded apps. But pics and videos not there -- any thing I can do to restore these?
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    Pics and Video are not stored in the WebOS backup, they are on the USB partition of the phone only, so unless you backed them up to PC or cloud, they are gone.
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