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    I just got my Palm Pre replaced today and when I logged in to my Palm Profile from my phone, I accidentally logged into the wrong profile. So my question is, how do I log out of my current palm profile and log into a different one on my phone? Any help is appreciated!
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    You should be able to do a full erase and set the phone back to factory default.
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    Just do a full erase (device info reset options). I'm assuming you don't have anything in the USB partition worth saving. After your device resets, the palm profile screen opens - login correctly. Good luck and welcome to P|C!
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    Ahh, it worked! Just needed to get my contacts back that were synced on my other profile. Thanks for the help ChemEngr!
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    now I reconmend that you use that patch that sends all your contacts as an email attachment. Import them into hotmail or google, and get them out of your palm profile so they are in a place you can access from a pc browser.

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