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    Is there a patch or something to select multiple videos and watch them one after the other without having to go back and forth to play one by one? In other words, is there a patch/app to create a video playlist?

    Yes......I already check the forum and I didn't find anything like that. So, that is the reason I'm asking here.
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    I don't think there's even such a funcion, but it's nit such a bad idea for someone to patch this up! A video playlist patch, catchy!
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    Exactly, been looking for such a function as well. Any ideas ouy there?
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    Nothing so far, but hopefully we will have someone with enough knowledge / time to create a patch / app that will do the trick for us.
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    this is what I want badly. I have a touchstone puck in my 300zx and I like to play music videos with the subs going. Id love to be able to queue up a list of up to music videos that I can play. Sort of like a flylist. ANY one that can make a simple app for this would be AWESOME.
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    I found an app that we can use to create a video playlist (by selecting them as favorites) and then letting the app to play them in sequence or randomly. The name of the app is: KalemSoft Media. It is not perfect but it works!

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