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    Just today my Pre has started catching on something and i can hear a "click" right as i start to close it. Anyone else have this issue? Should I get a replacement? I have had it just over a year and take very good care of it. I do have Sprint's insurance plan.
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    There's an internal screw that tends to come loose over use -- sort of unscrews itself. This Loose Screw Syndrome also tends to produce the oreo affect, which makes the screen sort of twist. The scratching, though I'm not certain, may be caused by this screw. Keep an eye out for it, as it may drop from the phone.

    If you have good carrier customer support, I'd take it in and tell them about it. Hopefully they will be able to help you with a replacement, or perhaps they can see what they can do to secure the screw (depends on carrier).
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    This happened on my sisters Pre and it just went away by itself. I hope she didnt lose the screw lol
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    This was happening to mine it would get caught jus before fully closed and when opening it as well ... After about a week or 2 the screw jus fell out... Still working fine goin on about a month and a half now ( with screw still out) but getting a replacementthis week due to usb door crack and poped speaker( this will be replacment # 5 all had speaker issue but only 2 have lost the loose screw.)
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    Yeah, have too agree, you'll lose a screw soon. My Pre did that several months ago and now the slider works great, a tiny oreo effect, but that's normal.
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    Thanks for the replies, all. My phone actually froze up and wouldn't turn back on about 5 hours later. I went into Sprint and they're sending me a new phone in the mail, so this problem will be corrected as well. Thankfully it's going to be free.
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    Hopefully, this doesn't happen with your replacement phone. I keep with me a T5 screw driver and tightened the screws every now and then.(Note: Do not mess with the covered screw). (Warranty Violation)

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