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    Quote Originally Posted by zealster View Post
    Try running Angry Birds on the Optimus. And then a Pre. Suckage by LG ensues.
    So you're saying the Optimus is slower (user experience, not mips) than the Pre? And you're basing this opinion on a game that is not optimized for Optimus CPU? BTW, Rovio is releasing an optimized version soon. Finally, I did a quick google and only found positive feedback for Angry Birds on the Optimus.

    But enough about judging handhelds by a single game

    I've had the Pre for over a year now and I cannot wait until Friday to pick up an Optimus. Everything I've read about the Optimus is generally very positive, sure it's entry level, but hey, it's free w/ 2 yr agreement. I would hold out until next year to see what new phones are coming out, but I have a chance to try the Optimus for a few months and then pass it on to my daughter.

    My personal complaints about the Pre:
    Headphone jack stopped working several months ago
    Power button stopped working 6 months ago
    Limited apps... Android lets me:
    - Monitor video security
    - Manage alarm system
    - Online banking apps for my banks
    - Manage my thermostat remotely
    Too many cards open.... I'm tired of rebooting and wiping my phone.
    Seriously, why does it take so long to open Google Maps? I usually reach my destination before the app opens.
    Screen often loses responsiveness... reboot... again...

    Sorry to turn this into a pre bashing session, but saying one phone is better than another based on 1 thing out of thousands... c'mon. Yeah the optimus isn't perfect (small screen, no browser flash yet, if ever, avg camera... does all this sound familiar), but for the price, it's a good phone.

    Can anyone who has tried an Optimus and Pre side by side shed some light?
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    I have one I might sell I kept it in case my curent pre breaks it was my step sons and he moved in with his dad so I told him I was keeping the phone it's got a clean esn pm me I need the money for christmas see ya
    Quote Originally Posted by BrettEckert View Post
    I was wondering how high refurbished palm pres run from sprint. I own a pixi as of now, but was looking to get a more powerful phone. I know that the pre was pulled off shelves, and online, but are they still for sale as refurbished options?
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