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    My wifes Pre has some issues She can only talk on speaker phone and it is driving her nuts.. She is due for an upgrade but doesn't want to miss the new Pre 2 if she goes ahead and gets another phone now.. Is there anyway she can get one now then upgrade to the Pre 2 when it comes out without penalty or problems
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    You could try going to your service provider and see if they'll give you a replacement...
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    Well this is her second phone.. She made insurance claim on the first one and got this one so I don't know if that will make a difference
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    sounds like it's just stuck in headset mode. There are several threads with many quick fixes for this issue
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    ok I will search around and see what I can find thanks
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    the insurance company will generally let you make two claims per year. Are you on Verizon?

    It sounds like you are stuck in headset mode. The solution depends on whether it is something stuck in the headphone jack, or something in the phone. A physical issue is sometimes resolved by plugging the headset in and out a bunch, or even using a cotton swab. Sometimes removing the battery after a proper shut down will resolve it. Once that worked for me, once I had to have it relaced. Also run the interactive diagnostics tests as that sometimes is reported to help.

    I would definitely not burn your upgrade this close to release of the Pre2. I'd get an insurance replacement as you can probably make $ selling it after you upgrade to the Pre2. You can also find them for sale here on PreCentral from time to time.
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    And on Sprint, it's a max of 3 claims, per year.
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    Thanks for all the help.. No solution yet Will probably do the insurance again
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    Quote Originally Posted by Empty_Pockets View Post
    Thanks for all the help.. No solution yet Will probably do the insurance again
    as long as the phone is not damaged it should be covered under sprint hardware replacement . they replaced mine free after i went over a year by several months and they replaced it when the screen started touching itself !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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