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    So my pre is making tremendously loud distorted scratchy sounds during some calls.

    It doesnt matter whether the call is incoming or outgoing, and doesnt matter whether I'm using the speakerphone, internal speaker, wired, or wireless headsets.

    I can sort of hear the person talking, but it sounds like a massively over driven audio source. Sometimes it doesnt happen at all, sometimes it stops right away after the start of a call, and sometimes it doesnt stop at all.

    I've tried a full restore (WebOS doctor)

    What do you guys think - is this thing dead?

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    Sounds like the mic or speaker is going. That's what mine did. I had to have it replaced. Then when repair replaced it ... it didn't fix it ... replaced the phone.
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    Was hoping that was not the case - it is out of warranty and I do not have the insurance.

    Really hate to buy a new Pre with the new stuff about to come out but this thing is quickly becoming unusable.
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    My pre plus did the same thing about a month after I got it. Had to send it back to VZW and they sent me a recertified one.
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    This actually JUST happened to me a few days ago went into the Sprint store and my mic/speaker was fried they ordered me a replacement which im picking up today. From the issues u described im pretty sure its the same thing that was wrong with mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ctownj30 View Post
    Was hoping that was not the case - it is out of warranty and I do not have the insurance.
    I really don't understand not having insurance on any device... Really. Since you're out of warranty and insurance, then you might want to buy a cheap phone off ebay. Also, here is a (suggestion) - You could get a T5 screwdriver and unscrew all the screws then shift the inside parts back and forth... then screw the screws back in... and see if that fix it.
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    Why would I not get insurance - economics of course.

    I've been on Sprint for many years and have a really sweet plan that was grandfathered in - also they excellent coverage on some routes I travel frequently; since I don't plan to leave I have no problem signing up for plan extensions in exchange for hardware upgrade rebates.

    Given that, lets look at what your $7/mo. buys you in insurance, of course factoring in the $100 deductible you pay if you have to make a claim (on a Sprint Pre).

    Month Cost of replacement (Insurance)
    1 $107.00
    2 $114.00
    3 $121.00
    4 $128.00
    5 $135.00
    6 $142.00
    7 $149.00
    8 $156.00
    9 $163.00
    10 $170.00
    11 $177.00
    12 $184.00
    13 $191.00

    I'm just summing previous month's premium's and including the deductible. I'm not even applying a time value of money discount rate which would make the present value of a claim even higher and less attractive.

    Since I've been on Sprint so long, they have me on a 12 mo. hardware upgrade schedule. So in month 13, I can extend my contract, and pay MUCH less for a phone than an insurance claim (currently $50 for a new Pre).

    From my history I know that I usually end up with phones breaking while under warranty and getting replaced for free. And when that happens I'm basically getting a new phone.

    I also know that I destroy or lose maybe 30% of my phones in the first year, so there is a very high probability that the the premiums I pay will be wasted.

    If I do suffer a short term loss on a new phone, there is always Craigslist. Generally you can get a phone on the list in say, month 8, for less than the net $156 (again, not even factoring in TVM...), that a claim would cost you.

    This analysis is a bit rough and subjective, but if you look at the numbers - unless you are accident prone, forgetful, or just like to hop carriers, why would anyone GET insurance? Self-insuring makes a lot of sense.

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    Thus you are where you are.

    Maybe check with the guy who does Pre to Pre+ conversions and see if he has a replacement speaker you can drop in. He indicated in his thread that he has some spare parts.

    Just a suggestion
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    Yeah, I'm in month 14 right now, so i can get a new Pre for $50 - so I wouldn't make a claim even if I had insurance. Not a bad spot to be!

    Although admittedly I don't want to burn my upgrade now with potential for a better Pre about to drop.

    I also understand how it could be a bad speaker - it happens even in Bluetooth mode....I can't claim to understand how these things work at that level.
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    Hmmm.... Mine is overly loud, but only when using the Pre as a normal phone i.e. holding it to my head. Speaker phone sounds fine. Only solution I found was to lower the volume to 3 or 4 bars. Then I can hear the calls clearly and they not as the OP describes. I don't hink it is a blown speaker cause like I said, with the volume way down, everything is loud and clear. Is there some hidden setting that raises the volume in the background? Is there any way to normalize the volume?

    Edit: BTW, no insurance as I just recieved the Pre + and franken-modded it to work on Sprint.
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    My wife's pre started it this morning. It can not be the speaker.using a headset doesn't change it. I can hear it on the line in my phone when we are on a call together. It's so loud it makes conversation pretty much impossible.
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    Has anyone ever found a DIY solution/workaround (or at least determined the root cause) to symptoms like these? I have a relative who's pre- is acting up similarly. The loud scratching/static/crackling/distortion also occurs on speakerphone in addition to the normal earpiece. Apparently pinching and squeezing the phone near the corners can help temporarily (almost like you're squeezing the two slider halves together). Coincidentally, it also appears that this phone is no longer able to detect nearby wifi networks (at least encrypted ones from what I was able to try) either.

    I'm wondering if this is related to something coming loose related to the speakers, or between the two halves of the phone, or if it is (though hopefully not) an issue with the comm board itself.
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