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    WebOS Internals is an amazing group. They have done so much to make our phones fast and functional. They are the geniuses behind PreWare, Uberkernel and many of our favorite homebrew projects. Not everyone realizes that they do this on their own time, along with day jobs and family. Not only donating their time, but they have built an architecture with Preware that is secure and scalable enough to host/deliver stuff created by the rest of the homebrewers and theme builders. Hosting those servers, buying phones dedicated to development isn’t cheap. They need the support and donations of the users who benefit from their magic.

    You often see posts asking: “will Preware work with 2.0?”, or “will we be able to overclock our current phones with 2.0?”, and “how long after 2.0 will we have to wait for preware/uberkernal/favorite patch”. YOU can a big difference in the answers! The WebOS Internals team needs to buy hardware for this effort – including hardware for the legendary Jason of Canuck Coding. The development team needs to buy a combination of new devices such as the Pre2/PalmPad/RoadRunnerHD/PalmSuperPhone/etc.

    The sooner they have the equipment, the more of their stuff can be ready for the coming launch of 2.0 and new hardware.

    This community has launched a “telethon” through year-end to raise the estimated $16,000 needed to purchase necessary hardware for development.over $3,000 has already been raised. No donation is too small. We need a bunch of $5 and $10 donations - and we need some benefactors to kick in bigger chunks.

    Please donate through the paypal link below, and, please post your donation in this thread if you don't mind. I have been keeping a running total, and a running list of donors. Hopefully PC will again be gracious to help recognize benefactors like they did last time with the “top homebrew supporter” title.

    This webOS community is legendary for how we come together to support webOS. Think of the “votes” we always win. Or the way members jump in to help each other with technical questions. Last time we had a “telethon” we raised almost $6,000 for these guys!

    Ready, Set, Donate!
    WebOS Internals:Site support - WebOS Internals
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    Here is Rod's message explaining the plan and budget for this effort:

    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Assuming that webOS 2.0, a next generation webOS phone, and a webOS tablet are all announced or released before the end of the year, WebOS Internals is going to need to have a significant donation influx to be able to purchase developer devices for our developers who create Preware, Save/Restore, Govnah, UberKernel, SR71, F10x, WarthogKernel, wIRC, Advanced Configuration for Application Launcher and other patches, to be able to make appropriate changes and test on the new OS and devices.

    There are currently 15 WebOS Internals developers (none of which, including myself, have ever received any direct cash from donations to WebOS Internals) listed on [url= - WebOS Internals[/url] - so that adds up to a significant dollar amount just for those developer devices, let alone the additional load on the servers and infrastructure that will also need to be paid for (this additional significant cost is something that other homebrew developers don't need to worry about, because their homebrew packages and patches are served up by our servers at no cost to them).

    However, when you divide that significant dollar amount by the number of people who download and use the applications, kernels, patches, etc that we produce, it would only require each user to make a small donation and we would be completely covered for these expenses.

    However, past history shows that less than 1/1000th of the users ever donate at all ...

    Thanks again to all those who have done so in the past.

    -- Rod
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    Total: $8732.52

    Below is a list of donations from the original thread and this one though post #514. Thanks again for everyone's generosity. Every time I use something cool from the homebrew community I realize that it's because this community pulls together to support the amazing developers. I wish I were smart enough to be one, actually....

    Listed alphabetically:

    55.00 acarback
    20.00 addiarmadar
    50.00 adebo
    10.00 AdmiralRaptor
    50.00 ahitz
    40.00 alacrify
    30.00 Analog
    35.00 AnaMayShun
    15.00 Andymac
    20.00 angus23
    30.00 aric
    125.00 ashi
    10.00 aviator1977
    50.00 Badcard
    10.00 bdog421
    10.00 beh
    20.00 bemjb
    75.00 bevcraw
    15.00 bigzeto
    150.00 bjs188
    35.00 blue duck butter
    32.00 bluenote
    10.00 bnceo
    30.00 BobbyMiele
    40.00 BobKy
    100.00 cantaffordit
    50.00 caracolla
    50.00 casion
    40.00 ccano8
    30.00 celenon
    30.00 cglaguna
    5.00 Cheechmo
    50.00 chris42
    40.00 cmahy
    40.00 C-Note
    50.00 Courousant
    150.59 CptOx
    5.00 craftsman
    40.00 cranerep
    30.00 crocostimpy
    50.00 crowza
    100.00 cshrader
    179.00 Cuspie
    30.00 cwest
    40.00 cwgtex
    35.00 Danstah
    15.00 danxcook
    35.00 Diesel Donkey
    31.41 digitalNight
    30.00 djmcgree
    50.00 djprelude
    50.00 dnanian
    100.00 dougnail
    40.00 DS_Palm_Lvr
    10.00 duanedude
    5.00 etx
    10.00 ewl88
    25.00 ezgoin
    30.00 f8alErr05
    50.00 Finally Pre
    80.00 FireFox31
    20.00 frankdavis
    52.00 Garrett92C
    30.00 GC916
    40.00 germboy
    75.00 GHT
    40.00 gladesmellzgood
    60.00 Godstyle
    10.00 goingbended
    1.00 gollyzila
    45.00 govotsos
    30.00 Goyena
    15.00 grandebob (first!)
    50.00 greenawayj
    30.00 gsparks2
    52.00 GuyFromNam
    35.00 hboisvert
    35.00 HebrewHammer
    50.00 houshokm
    30.00 houstonmale4
    25.00 howardbw
    30.00 Hz-R
    30.00 ibmh
    30.00 iradeut
    40.00 irateb
    40.00 jaltman
    50.00 jasetroncs
    32.00 jdm2010
    30.00 jeffyen
    10.00 jghacker
    35.00 jimhuff
    100.00 JimmyK
    31.00 John_
    30.00 Johnathon I Ezor
    15.00 jp22382
    30.00 jpgiv
    35.00 jshare
    20.00 kallan42
    50.00 Kallistaman
    50.00 Kewl700p
    35.00 KnoxBNYC
    100.00 Kyusaku
    30.00 LateNight
    150.00 LCGuy
    40.00 lexb
    15.00 lihn.nguyen
    25.00 Linza
    20.00 LLC23
    50.00 LocoTreoGurl
    10.00 lostsole1970
    5.00 LWI
    50.00 maqk
    30.00 Meltedwire
    30.00 mhunterjr
    33.00 morgmel
    50.00 Morrison0880
    5.00 mpressive
    30.00 MRand86
    35.00 mrkalel
    50.00 Mucciarelli
    34.50 Navelfluff
    30.00 navinag
    40.00 neit_jnf
    30.00 netwrkr9
    50.00 neville
    31.00 nightdevil21
    40.00 nimer55
    10.00 NinjaMunky
    40.00 NoLeftHere
    50.00 noseph
    20.00 not-yet-pre
    30.00 nxg125
    10.00 nyallj
    40.00 nytemyst
    20.00 olidie
    50.00 oobernuber
    30.00 orabidoo976
    20.00 PalmGeist
    150.00 pastorrich1
    200.00 Patalach
    10.00 Patricksmangan
    10.00 PaulGozniak
    60.00 phil71
    10.00 pilotovef
    30.00 poppeye
    10.00 Pre in MN
    30.00 PreGP
    30.00 PreGP
    10.00 PrePetikeis
    55.00 PrinceAlbert
    55.00 psm9
    40.00 Psychonaut
    35.00 push2shock
    25.00 Quintus
    30.00 rattical
    50.00 Richard Rosenberger
    30.00 Riona
    30.00 rlopin
    50.00 rnatau
    30.00 roams11
    50.00 rogerkang
    25.00 rothoof
    15.00 runukraine
    20.00 Rush
    30.00 sapient2k7
    10.00 schengenland
    50.00 Scotland
    20.00 Shadavis08
    30.00 sidamos
    50.00 sidjohn1
    200.00 spdsktr
    30.00 spudland
    25.00 STBXXL
    10.00 Stinkyfischer
    30.00 stlsports
    100.00 suburban war
    100.00 Superjudge
    15.00 T.E.N.
    5.00 tayswg20
    50.00 ThatTree
    35.00 TheDizzAR
    50.00 TheMacs
    20.00 thesnowdog
    40.00 titan078
    20.00 tommce
    100.00 TopTongueBarry
    10.00 Trader05
    10.00 treetom
    50.00 trekker
    35.00 treo3002600
    30.00 troymiller
    30.00 vbockius
    50.00 Vidahlia
    30.00 wellwellwell1
    15.00 whodo voodoo
    35.00 windzilla
    35.00 wyckedankh
    5.00 YankBoy
    100.00 zenshinji
    20.00 zmann
    15.00 zulaj

    There are several donations posted with no amount listed so I didn't include them here. If they want to post or PM me the amount, I will add them to this list. This list will be updated to keep the donor list together. If I have missed anyone, spelled a name wrong, or listed the wrong amount, please PM me and I will fix it.
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    Annnnnnd donated!

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    I missed the palmcast last night (thank gawd for Dr. Podder) , did this get a shout there? I tweeted it to give the shout out.
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    Has anyone contacted Dieter to see if PreCentral can do a quick article on the telethon? That should get some visibility.
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    I sent a pm and tip message to dieter. I will let you know when I hear something. Feel free to also message him
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    Quote Originally Posted by addiarmadar View Post
    I missed the palmcast last night (thank gawd for Dr. Podder) , did this get a shout there? I tweeted it to give the shout out.
    yes it did
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    Bump! Let's go!!!
    "Patience, use the force, think." Obi-Wan

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    Done. $25
    - acarback

    aka Roots Up Development
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    current total $1,610

    who wants to be next?

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    just donated $15

    edit: what twitter hashtag are we going to use? #pre2telethon ?
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    Thanks!. $1,625 is the new total.

    Who is next?
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    $15 on the way!
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    We need someone in the Palm developer program to approach Palm about a grant or matching donation. Is there anyone in the dev program that would be willing to approach developer relations at palm? I'm not a dev, so I'd get caught in their spam filter.

    Let me know if there are any volunteers.

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    40.00 donated
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    $10.00 Donated. Love!
    The water was cold so I came back <3
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    Donated 25.00
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    Up to $1,750
    I have to step out for a few hours. Let's see if we can get over $2 grand before I get back! :-)
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