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  • No, I wont be donating during this fundraiser

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    As promised.... today is PAYDAY and I'm kickin in $50 more! I like the sound of Platinum Homebrew Supporter (If they choose to implement Trekker's tiered titles).
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    $2,460 and climbing. This community is truly amazing.
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    Let's make it a payday challenge. (Well, it's not my payday, but whatever.)

    I'll kick in another $50.00.
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    Just donated 25.00
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    Just finished my pre to pre+ conversion and I'm so thrilled i dropped another $10 in, bringing my total up to $15.
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    I will add you as the first on the list. Thank you!

    edit: list updated with grandebob
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    just donated $25. WebOS Internals and homebrew is why I still have my Pre. Thanks for all your hard work.
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    Just donated 20 USD
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    Donor list updated through post #70

    Total dollars as of this post are up to $2,615

    You guys are great!
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    $50 donated.
    small price to pay...
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    i just donated 100$.
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    $20 this time around. More next week.
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    thanks! Who is next? Lets stretch to $3,000 by morning!
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    good time to donate while the lines are short!
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    $25 for this week. Will donate more next week!! Thanks to the WebOS Internals group and all that you have done!
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    where are spdsktr and runukraine to put on their jerry lewis suits and do some cheering. Any volunteers?

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    I'm broke but I'm going to buy their homebrew app so at least they can get something from me. Hope that's good enough for now.
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    that's a good point. It would be great if every donor would also buy the preware documentation app in the official app catalog. It's an excellent app.

    no amount is to small. We need a thousand people to give $5 and we know that there are 10x that number using preware and uberkernel.

    who is next?
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