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    Done. Do I need to re-send the spreadsheet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    Done. Do I need to re-send the spreadsheet?
    Let's wait for a couple of days to gather up any other missed donors before we give Dieter an updated list.

    -- Rod
    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
    You may wish to donate by Paypal to donations @ if you find our work useful.
    All donations go back into development.
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    Quick question. I know PayPal takes a cut of regular payments. Do they take a cut of donations?
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    Quote Originally Posted by govotsos View Post
    Quick question. I know PayPal takes a cut of regular payments. Do they take a cut of donations?
    Yes, they do. To allow people to donate with their credit card, a Premier PayPal account is required. A fee is charged for each credit to a Premier PayPal account.

    The total figure I have given for this Telethon result is the nett amount after fees have been taken out. That's why it's such a weird non-round-figures amount.

    -- Rod
    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
    You may wish to donate by Paypal to donations @ if you find our work useful.
    All donations go back into development.
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    ok, folks. below is a list of those hitting the "top homebrew supporter" level. Please check it over to make sure I haven't missed or misspelled anyone (several have already found typos so check carefully). If there are any issues please PM me if you posted your donations. If it was not posted, send a PM to Rod because I can't see anything except this thread, same as all of you.

    Also, this is an impressive accomplishment from this community. 141 people hit the bar. only 14 of them were repeats that hit the bar in the last telethon.

    That means there are 122 new people that have stepped up with significant support for the homebrewers.
    I haven't figured out the total of new donors yet, but I will figure that out eventually. Suffice it to say, lots of new donors jumped in. As someone that couldn't imagine using my phone without Preware and UberKernel, I'm really jazzed that WOSI gets such a great head start on webOS 2.x and the phones/tablets that are sure to show up "in the coming months".

    Special thanks to runukraine for thinking up the idea of a grassroots telethon last spring, and Banger for launching the "Thanksgiving Edition". Also thanks to vza33, runukraine, and pastorrich1 for helping with totals and cheerleading. Thanks to EVERYONE for your generosity.

    I am amazed at what WOSI has produced, and equally amazed at this community. Instead of whining about when sprint will get another palm phone - let's just bask in the quality of this community. This isn't something you will find on any other forum.

    Homebrew Supporters:

    200 Patalach
    200 spdsktr
    179 Cuspie
    150.59 CptOx
    150 bjs188
    150 LCGuy
    150 pastorrich1
    125 ashi
    100 cantaffordit
    100 cshrader
    100 dougnail
    100 JimmyK
    100 Kyusaku
    100 suburban war
    100 Superjudge
    100 TopTongueBarry
    100 zenshinji
    80 FireFox31
    75 bevcraw
    75 GHT
    60 Godstyle
    60 phil71
    55 acarback
    55 PrinceAlbert
    55 psm9
    52 Garrett92C
    52 GuyFromNam
    50 adebo
    50 ahitz
    50 Badcard
    50 caracolla
    50 casion
    50 chris42
    50 Courousant
    50 crowza
    50 djprelude
    50 dnanian
    50 Finally Pre
    50 greenawayj
    50 houshokm
    50 jasetroncs
    50 Kallistaman
    50 Kewl700p
    50 LocoTreoGurl
    50 maqk
    50 Morrison0880
    50 Mucciarelli
    50 neville
    50 noseph
    50 oobernuber
    50 Richard Rosenberger
    50 rnatau
    50 rogerkang
    50 Scotland
    50 sidjohn1
    50 ThatTree
    50 TheMacs
    50 trekker
    50 Vidahlia
    45 govotsos
    40 alacrify
    40 BobKy
    40 ccano8
    40 cmahy
    40 C-Note
    40 cranerep
    40 cwgtex
    40 DS_Palm_Lvr
    40 germboy
    40 gladesmellzgood
    40 irateb
    40 jaltman
    40 lexb
    40 neit_jnf
    40 nimer55
    40 NoLeftHere
    40 nytemyst
    40 Psychonaut
    40 titan078
    35 AnaMayShun
    35 blue duck butter
    35 Danstah
    35 Diesel Donkey
    35 hboisvert
    35 HebrewHammer
    35 jimhuff
    35 jshare
    35 KnoxBNYC
    35 mrkalel
    35 push2shock
    35 TheDizzAR
    35 treo3002600
    35 windzilla
    35 wyckedankh
    34.5 Navelfluff
    33 morgmel
    32 bluenote
    32 jdm2010
    31.41 digitalNight
    31 John_
    31 nightdevil21
    30 Analog
    30 aric
    30 BobbyMiele
    30 celenon
    30 cglaguna
    30 crocostimpy
    30 cwest
    30 djmcgree
    30 f8alErr05
    30 GC916
    30 Goyena
    30 gsparks2
    30 houstonmale4
    30 Hz-R
    30 ibmh
    30 iradeut
    30 jeffyen
    30 Johnathon I Ezor
    30 jpgiv
    30 LateNight
    30 Meltedwire
    30 mhunterjr
    30 MRand86
    30 navinag
    30 netwrkr9
    30 nxg125
    30 orabidoo976
    30 poppeye
    30 PreGP
    30 rattical
    30 Riona
    30 rlopin
    30 roams11
    30 sapient2k7
    30 sidamos
    30 spudland
    30 stlsports
    30 troymiller
    30 vbockius
    30 wellwellwell1

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    Please add noseph @ $50 on 24 Nov to the donor list.

    -- Rod
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    Don't leave me out! I just threw in $40.00

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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Note View Post
    Don't leave me out! I just threw in $40.00
    Thanks. I'm happy to see that you are already a Top Homebrew Supporter from the spring telethon!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Please add noseph @ $50 on 24 Nov to the donor list.

    -- Rod
    done. we can wait through the weekend to see if anyone else speaks up that they were missed.
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    Just donated $10, i've been slacking.
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    I donated $40 back on 11/23 please add me to the list!
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    Long Time Palm and Sprint User!

    IIIxe, Tungsten T3, Samsung SPH-i500, Treo 700p, 755p, Centro, Palm Pre, Palm Pre+, 2.2.4 Franken Pre2 and a Touchpad!
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    just sent $30.00....sorry it's late...
    "The union forces me to allow you to go to lunch in spite of the way you've played. Those of you with consciences will not be able to eat. And those of you whose consciences match your talents... go stuff yourselves. I hope you choke".....Maestro, The Money Pit
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    another late donation of $30..sorry it's late
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    Folks, it's time for last call on the official donor list. PLEASE CHECK TO MAKE SURE I HAVE YOUR NAME AND TOTAL CORRECT.

    The list above is the list of members that donated $30 or more.

    The list in post #3 is a complete list of donors from $1 to $200.

    I sorted the list in post #3 alphabetically to make it easier for you to find and verify your info.

    Thanks to those that sent me a PM with corrections. I think I got them all, but I hope everyone will check the lists one more time. Dieter has the list, but I can update it if any changes are needed. Dieter will determine how he wants to handle the donations that came in after Dec 1st.

    Once again, thanks to everyone for being so generous in supporting the webOS community. It lools like the late donations put the total over $8,800 which is truly amazing.
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    I'm missing from the list! I gave $30.
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    I want to donate quickly (I'm emptying my Paypal account and shutting it down today as a protest to PayPal shutting down the Wikileaks donation account), but the server seems to be down at the moment. Any ideas when it will be up again? I might have to donate somewhere else...
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    it should be up soon. you can check the updates they have been posting on twitter for @webosinternals
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    By the way, let's all wish Rod Whitby a happy birthday.
    That was a retweet - it's dtzWill's birthday, not mine.

    -- Rod
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    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    Thanks! Money donated , PayPal account terminated.

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