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  1. beh
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    Just made $10 donation
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    I donated $30.
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    Donated $10. Thanks guys!
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    Donated $30 :-)

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    Donor list updated to this post.

    Remember that anyone donating $30 or more before Dec 1st will have their PC title changed to "Top Homebrew Supporter".

    current running total is $7259.41

    Let's shoot for $10,000 by the end of the year! that way they can order whatever is announced by HPalm at CES in early January.
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    excellent web-a-thon
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    Well, I had a little time today to look at the numbers in excel. this community should be mighty proud. last time we raised just under $6,000 and that included several donations over $500 (and I think one was even $1,000). So far we have more than $7,200 and a real shot at getting to $10k if we keep at it until Christmas!

    So, here are some statistics gleaned from this thread:

    • 172 total people donated so far
    • $40 per person is the average

    the breakdown is:

    • 18 people have donated $100 or more
    • 30 have donated between $50 and $99
    • 63 have given between $30 and $49

    that's 115 people that will be eligible to have their PC title changed to "top homebrew supporter"

    there are also 56 additional donors, plus those that have donated anonymously (so only Rod knows who they are).

    This is an amazing accomplishment.
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    so, how do we reach $10,000? here are some numbers:

    if every person that has donated so far were to give another $15


    if 100 new donors were to give $30 each (and earn the nifty title)

    don't get me wrong. donations of any amount are needed and appreciated. people should give what they can, when they can.

    But, I know that tens of thousands of users have downloaded preware, and many af those are overclocking. if we assume 25,000 users (I'm sure that is way low) it means that less than .01% of those downloading something from WebOS Internals has actually donated. That's even worse than the giving ratio at most churches!

    all that to say, give more if you can. I will donate again, and I hope you can to. But more than that, let's go find 100 new $30 donors and push this thing over the top!

    we have much to be thankful for, including this community. let's expand our ranks and bring this thing home! ...just sayin'
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    Quote Originally Posted by vza33 View Post

    And many thanks to you for your time and effort running this web-a-thon.
    glad to help. it's a team effort. you and runukraine have really helped a lot. I'm just doing some of the paperwork while I'm in between jobs.

    as impressive as preware is, this community is even more impressive.
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    It's hard right now, but I popped the additional $15 for total of $45.
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    Just made my first donation for 10$.
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    OK, here's the Thanksgiving Day update:

    Total donations including specifically requested anonymous donations: $7544.41

    We've crossed the $7.5K mark!

    Thanks to everyone who has donated. We're now in a position to buy all the Pre 2 devices we need, as soon as HP starts sending out coupons.

    In other news, we've just released Preware 1.4.5, Govnah 0.7.7, the Palm Recovery Kernel for Pre 2, and UberKernel/Pre2 2.0.x-2 (without overclocking or temperature sensing, we're still working on both of those). Most of those are a direct result of Pre 2 devices being in the hands of developers.

    -- Rod
    WebOS Internals and Preware Founder and Developer
    You may wish to donate by Paypal to donations @ if you find our work useful.
    All donations go back into development.
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    Donated $30.00. Thanks!
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    Donated $25 - Bringing my total, so far for this telethon, to $50.
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    50$ donation sent
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    in the spirit of Thanksgiving and many trips to the table, here's a third helping of 50 bucks, brining my total this telethon to 150. Theanks WebOS Internals!

    I think now 7699.41
    keep it up. 10 k isn't far now!
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    Hi I'm trying to donate but I don't see a link at the first post. Am I missing something?

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